Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Importance of Gratitude in Your Life

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Thank you message in the grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Vinetta Santiago

Gratitude plays a big role in getting what you want. You need to be grateful for what you already have.

If you want a better job, then you need to be thankful that you already have a job and the monies you are already earning. But you need to be grateful all the time as far as possible.

Be thankful for anything and everything - the country you live in, your house, the air you breathe, for your health, your limbs, sight and all your senses, your family, the people around you, your friends, the food available to you, nature - the trees around you and the list goes on and on.

Look closely at nature, did you notice the shape of the leaf on this tree before or the colours of the leaves on the various trees or the many rays of the Sun shining through the leaves. Life is beautiful, appreciate it for all its worth as often an you can.

The deeper your gratitude, the more you get out of life and the happier you will be. You can start by taking 5 minutes out every day to think about all the things in life that you are thankful for. Get excited that you have such a great life and you can expect it to get better as you start to appreciate all the things that make life amazing.

Sometimes things happen to you and you wonder why you have been plucked out of your comfort zone and placed in a different situation. Remember, there is reason for everything that happens in life and even though you didn't understand why there were sudden changes in your life, you can always learn from the experience. You learn and then grow from the experience. Always have faith that everything happens for the best, be grateful and enjoy the experience.

If you want to improve on what you are currently experiencing, then be grateful for what your experience is today, and then you can expect changes to happen. You will notice changes in your being.

You will find that your previously mundane job isn't so bad as now you are looking at it in a different light. The way people interact with you will change as your energies around you will be different. Its fascinating how your thoughts can affect your life!

Wishing you happiness and another step closer to your big dream. Below is a short video on gratitude:

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