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Powerfully LETTING GO of Resistance to Change!

EFT-tapping points
EFT-tapping points (Photo: Wikipedia)
by Benjamin Ross

Resistance can be a lot of things ... but basically it is your resistance to or fear of making certain changes in your life.

Dealing with this resistance and these fears help you to cement your changes and make them stronger.

You could be making changes, everything is going smoothly, and then it comes up ... all these emotions trying to stop you. Like certain fears, insecurities, excuses and especially doubt about the process and it makes you want to stop.

BUT ...

These times are among the most transformational, because resistance in fact proves it is working, if you just stayed totally where you were and weren't working on letting go of what is holding you back in your subconscious, nothing would be stirred up because you would be doing nothing!

So when you are making changes, letting go of a lot of stuff, some discomfort is natural and realize that on the other side of this is something much better ... consistently for me at my times of the most resistance coming up, when I get through it ... I find these my most powerful breakthroughs.

So we now know resistance is a sign of something positive shifting, but how to we deal with it?

Basically we use everything that is coming up as a way to strengthen our resolve and the changes we are making. Because the more stuff that is coming up, the more we have to work on ... the more we have to let go of.. and the more healing we will have in the end.

The powerful tool I use to deal with this is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping. To learn the basics, I have a basic introduction on my website.

Now what you want to do is think of a change you want to make. I will use a recent success of mine as an example. I wanted to change my sleeping times from getting up at 3pm due to habit after working a night job, to 8am, which I have successfully achieved now!

Focus on that change/habit/whatever and notice the emotions in your body, fears, thoughts, doubts, any past memories around it. And I want you to tap on everything that comes up ... until you get it down to zero. When you have it to zero. Then it's time to tap in the positive.

So for my example, getting up at 8am. I visualized myself getting out of bed, and big red text saying "8:00am" in the picture and I brought in positive feelings, feelings of passion, excitement, looking forward to the day, feeling good and I started tapping while imagining this, making the feelings stronger ... and tapped in affirmations "I want to get up at 8am everyday, I choose to get up at 8am every day, I allow myself to get up at 8am every day". And do this enough that it is strong and compelling for you.

I did this and the very next day I got up at 8am!

But then in the following days a lot of stuff come up trying to stop me from keeping this up. All kinds of fears such as it would effect relationships with my friends who I usually see at night, fear that I can't keep it up and several other things. And as more of that come up, I would spent time tapping on it and then putting back in the positive feeling and visualizing myself getting up at 8am.

And I've been doing it consistently. I don't need to set an alarm, my subconscious is programmed for this and I naturally wake up around this time.. allowing myself to wake up and giving myself this freedom to do it naturally is powerful too, if I set my alarm that would have made things harder due to so much negativity most of us have around alarms. And it feels better to just wake up naturally.

I may wake up at 7:50 or 8:10, it doesn't matter, I can lay there a few minutes and breathe, and I also lay in bed and tap/do EFT on the feelings coming up of "I don't want to do this" or whatever, I then look out the window into the light to wake up more and get up comfortably.

Visualization and affirmations are a powerful technique, and combined with EFT are even more powerful, you will start to naturally go towards these things as you clear out and let go of the negativity first and then put the positive stuff in instead of just stacking it on top!

Give it a go, try it on a habit or a change you want to make ... and notice the difference in how much easier you are able to do it!

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