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How to Use Goal Setting As the Perfect Tool For Your Success

Cover of "Dream Big"
Cover of Dream Big
by Betsy S Castillo

In order to attain your highest potential, it is essential that you expand your mind and your ambition to dream big.

Goal setting has been used for centuries by successful and victorious individuals. Goal setting goes beyond dreams and imagination. "Goals are dreams with deadlines" (Diana Scharf Hunt).

The life of your dreams can come true if you put into practice the art and magic of goal-setting.

To begin, you must first make an assessment of your current life situation and the life you want to be living. For example:


  1. No education/degree
  2. Single
  3. Lacking a spiritual balance
  4. Lonely

Where I want to be

  1. A fulfilling and rewarding career
  2. Part of a loving relationship
  3. Spiritually fulfilled
  4. Part of a loyal circle of friends

Next, it is important to decide on the steps necessary to attain those goals. At first, some, if not all of your goals may seem unreachable. However, you cannot let that intimidate you.

When people are intimidated or afraid, they are blinded of their potential. Fear is the number one obstacle that prevents many individuals from reaching happiness and satisfaction. You must see fear as a challenge to overcome something that attempts to stop you.

Once you confront fear and turn the situation around to your favor, you will feel a priceless sense of confidence, and fear will be defeated.

Take for example the first goal which is to obtain a college degree or a fulfilling and rewarding career. In order to obtain that, you must look at what steps are necessary to get there. The options include attending school, workshops or even networking and some research.

In today's modern world of technology attending school and receiving valuable training is easier than ever. The options include online learning, blended learning involving online classes and occasional classroom attendance, short one-day workshops, etc ... Each goal must have sub goals that include the path to take to reach the destination.


  • No education degree/career --------------------------------- A fulfilling and rewarding career

Sub goals

  • Enrolling in school
  • Attending workshops to gain the skills necessary to land my dream job
  • Networking
  • Researching companies that may provide the opportunity

As you can see, it is important to write down goals and to break them down into smaller goals that will help you get to the right place.

The method is Goals = sub-goals = results.

You must always dream big because no dream is too big to be accomplished, and no dream is unreachable. Do not be intimidated by barriers. Obstacles are only opportunities in disguise. When you really want something, nothing can stop you.

Betsy Sophia Castillo is passionate single mother of two, who enjoys writing about self-improvement, health and Fitness, home and family, and parenting. Betsy's passion is helping women reach their full potential in life.

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