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How to Achieve Personal Development Goals

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by Nik T Halik

All humans, in order to not only survive, but thrive in their environments, need to grow in ways that contribute to their personal development.

In order to grow properly, a set of goals need to be laid out in order to encourage the right sorts of personal growth.

In general, having a set of seven or so goals that need to be achieved can work wonders when it comes to developing not only personally but also professionally.

The first step to take in any sort of development plan is to compile a personal list of 'wishes.'

It really doesn't matter what those wishes are and they can be as whimsical or as grounded in reality as is desired. Once the personal development list is compiled put it away for a day or two.

Afterward, and as part of the second step, take out the list and then begin prioritizing those goals or wishes, ranking them from most important to least important.

Thirdly, look at all the goals listed and begin dividing them into the ones that can be achieved in the least amount of time, the ones that may take a medium-length amount of time and, finally, those goals that could take a longer amount of time to achieve. Remember: All such goals are steps that need to be taken on the road to ultimate personal development.

The fourth step on the path to development is to be absolutely realistic about ranking goals along a time continuum and what it would take to achieve them. For instance, if a college degree is the goal, and many classes will need to be taken before receiving that degree, don't rank it as a short-term or even medium-term goal because it's most likely a long-term objective, with several steps within that goal that will need to be taken first.

Additionally, it's always smart to engage in self-awareness, which is the fifth step along the path to creating an environment where it becomes easy to develop in a personal manner. Always take care to look within when considering whether the goals laid out can be achieved. Plus, be brutally honest because without being self-aware about one's own faults when it comes to achievement of any goal there can never be any real progress.

The last two steps to take on the way toward fulfilling any developmental goal have to do with risk taking and journal keeping. In the former, taking a risk is a part of any great achievement, and stepping outside one's comfort zone is a necessary activity in any great endeavor.

If the goal of finishing college seems completely scary, then practice self-pep talks, meditation or visualization, for example. And never fail to note progress or lack of same in a journal, say, even if only to use it to deliver a well-timed motivation boost.

Take these seven steps towards personal development and watch the positive results pour in!

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