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The Power of Your Dream

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by Cynthia L Hatcher

What makes it so hard to stay consistent and follow our dreams? Why does it seem we jump from one task, career, business venture or idea to the next?

Having confidence in yourself is important. Practicing commitment and dedication is a key principle but to consistently follow your dream takes belief in what you are going after.

When you experience failure, disappointment or things are just not working well for you, sometimes focusing on yourself is the wrong way to work yourself out of a slump. Your dream is still there waiting for you to fulfill it.

See the dream does not go anywhere. We may ignore it, bury it, try to forget about it or maybe even disown it for a time but just give it any amount of attention and your passion will once again rise to the forefront. That is the secret of the power of your dream. All your dream needs is your consistent focus and attention and it will begin to lead you in the direction to follow it and make it happen.

So you may have tried some things and it did not work. So you may have gotten off track. That's all part of it. No-one follows their dream perfectly. Honestly, life does not work that way. There are ups and downs. There are different twists and turns on the path of following your dream. Don't let what naturally happens be the deciding factor of you abandoning your dream.

The dream demands it's own realization, that is why it appeared to you in the first place. The humility to admit this is one of the first steps in allowing the dream to have it's power to take root inside of you. You did not think the dream up. Someone else did not tell you it was a good idea. It came to you on purpose so that you would arrange your life to fulfill it.

That is the second step to allowing your dream to have its full power in your life, permitting yourself to do what is necessary. Sometimes that means adding or removing people, places or things to make room for your dream's achievement.

Focusing on your dream has the great ability of filling your heart, your thoughts and your night's sleep with excitement. It amazing how this works if we just take the time and the courage to give it a little of our energy. The dream will once again move us out of paralysis to a place of forward movement. Focusing on the dream opens the door of creative concepts and strategies.

Yes, look at what didn't work so you won't repeat the same mistake but don't park your attention there. The only reason to revisit what went wrong is to know the path not to take to end up there again.

So start again. Tap into the power of your dream and watch the sun look brighter, the sky look bluer, the grass look greener and the rain smell sweeter. Yes, following the dream has the power not only to change your perception but your life as well.

Cynthia L. Hatcher (c) 2012

I am an Inspirational Goal Strategist Coach. My passion is to assist solo entrepreneurs, professional women and other service providers to follow their dream and achieve their goals.

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