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The 5 A DAY Approach To Goal Setting

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by Vincent Gray

Goal setting 101 - the easiest way to achieve your goals can be broken down into two very simple steps.
1) Decide what you want
2) Take daily consistent actions towards your goals.

That's it - you don't need to take a 4 day goal setting class where you identify your life's purpose and talk to your unconscious mind through symbolism. What you need is clarity and action. This will take you much further than any other goal setting system out there.

You see, what most people fail to realise is you don't need a big bang, lots of little pops will still get you there. And that is the basis of the 5 A Day system.

This is how it works.

Pick your goal, or you could even use up to 3 goals in different areas. So for example say we took one health goal and one financial goal.

The 5 A Day goal setting system essentially requires you to have lots of little pops every single day.

What does that mean?

Simply it means every day - first thing in the morning write down 5 little things that you will do today towards your goals. They don't have to be huge - start with simple goals like drink 2 liters of water, make a phone call, buy an investing book.

And then build on the goals each day - if you bought a book on Amazon on day 1, your goal for day 2 is to read the first 3 chapters. Each day builds on the previous days goals!

For example:

Day 1 buy the investing book
Day 2 read 3 chapters
Day 7 open a spread betting account (am assuming day 3-7 was reading)
Day 8 set up bank account to save 10% of salary a month
and so on.

What you will find is you will achieve your goal much faster by taking small daily actions. As you can see it is a very simple process - but don't let that fool you. The power of daily actions no matter how small is unbelievable!

Try it out for yourself for just 30 days and see how much you have achieved at the end of 30 days.

Remember all you need is 5 mini-goals a day that you must complete. That's all it takes. Write them out in the morning, check them off in the evening.

You can buy goal setting software to track your accomplishments or just simply stick them on your phone so you have the list on you at all times. Do whatever works for you. But you must do something every single day and you will achieve your goal

Vincent Gray is a prolific goal setting expert and runs a website where he reviews the best goal setting software tools in the market. To find out more about how goal setting software can help you identify, track, measure and achieve your goals visit

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