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The Power of Your Inner Dialogue

Positive Thinking... (Acoustic Alchemy)
Positive Thinking ... (Acoustic Alchemy) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Mary K. Gill

Are you aware of the power of your Inner Dialogue? If not, just stop reading for a moment and listen.

It's that inner voice which is constantly chattering away to you. Chances are you have ignored this little voice and if you have, you are missing a very important factor in manifesting your desires. Your inner dialogue is a very powerful tool in developing your own personal power.

Your inner dialogue can be either good or bad. If you are normally a positive thinking, joyful person, then your inner voice is more than likely positive. You will have the joy of positive living.

Unfortunately, most people do not have a positive thinking habit; their inner voice is negative. Sadly, although these people may be working very hard to change their situation, they are literally pulling themselves backwards with their own negative inner dialogue. And they are wondering all the time why nothing much is changing in their lives.

How much success and fulfillment you achieve in your life is directly proportional to your inner dialogue. If you constantly have a negative dialogue going on inside your head, you will find that, unfortunately, no amount of affirmations will make any appreciable change in your life.

As your inner dialogue is so important to your personal development, you really do need to have a better understanding of the role it plays.

Your inner voice is constantly judging and evaluating. Everything you see, hear or sense, your inner dialogue is giving you an assessment, right or wrong, good or bad. This assessment is based, of course, on your past experiences.

This is very important for your survival. If, for example, you see a poison snake, your inner voice will tell you to be careful as there is danger present. If, though, you see a flower, your inner voice will tell you that is something very beautiful. As you can see, your inner dialogue is very necessary, it plays guardian, protecting you from danger.

However, the inner dialogue is not always helpful in assisting you to develop your inner power. Do you have a habit of saying 'can't'? If you do, then may I suggest that you immediately eliminate this word from your vocabulary right now. This may well be the best advise I ever give you. Be VERY CAREFUL when your inner voice is telling you 'can't' do something.

To protect you from danger, your inner dialogue has a tendency to avoid anything new. It's intentions are good, it is trying to protect you, but at the same time it has an extremely limiting effect on your personal development.

In order for you to grow, you must take on new challenges. Just suppose you wish to make a million dollars. You've never done this before, you search in your past experiences database but you fail to find any matches. Your inner voice will then conclude 'You Can't'. Not only that but it will try very hard to convince you that it's impossible for you to make that million dollars. You see it is actually trying to protect you. That may seem strange but that is the way your inner dialogue works.

However, to make that million dollars you are going to have to learn new skills, new ways of looking at the world. Don't take your inner dialogue's answer for granted. Question it, because you will not find the answers in your past experiences database. Is what it is saying really true?

Be aware of your inner dialogue and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. That is really all you need to do to achieve a successful and fulfilled life.

So you ask, if it's that simple, why isn't everyone doing it? There is only one reason why, and that is that not everyone knows what is good and what is not good. When people are faced with problems, they go out and buy books, seek mentors, go to seminars, gurus in the hopes of solving their problems. Unfortunately, none of these things will change their problems unless they change their approach.

Only once you realize that the problem lies within yourself, not without, can you resolve the problems in your life. If you remember nothing else of what I have said, remember this: "There is a solution inside you to every one of your problems". You do not need to go outside to seek solutions; the solution is already inside you.

Mary K Gill is a published author, having written many articles for various life style magazines. Her latest book The Twelve Natural Laws of the Universe is available on her site Mindset Power Site. This book reveals why just using the Law of Attraction is not enough to achieve fulfillment in every aspect of life. She is also a Holistic Life Coach and has a private off-line practice.

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