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Live Like You Were Dying to Experience Life at Its Best

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by Aaron Dems

Life is all about being able to handle the stress of achieving something. People set goals everyday; some achieve them while some don't.

But it's often observed that people who have a short time to do something often end up achieving a lot more than those who have all the time in the world.

Why does this happen? And what is the reason for the success that these people achieve?

Using a simple psychological logic, it means that these people live like they were dying. When you live like you were dying your subconscious automatically responds to it and treats every situation like you had nothing to lose.

This behavior is often exhibited by people who are stuck in crunch situations. The brain responds to a stimulus called fight or flight.

This is what makes some people perform under pressure whereas it's exactly the same thing that makes others crumble under pressure. You might have experienced this at some point in your life.

When you live like you were dying your subconscious automatically wants to fight rather than flight. This is something phenomenal and only people who live like they have nothing to lose would experience it. There are a whole lot of benefits of living life in this way.

One of the famous personalities that advocated the live like you were dying ideology was Steve Jobs. This man introduced several technologies in the world of computing with the help of the Mac. But most of his life achievements only began after he realized that he was about to die from pancreatic cancer. He knew he was losing a battle to cancer but that didn't stop him.

Instead he changed the world by focusing all his attention on what's important and gave the world some of the best computing products. Though he is no more his ideas still survive in the products he designed.

The live like you were dying ideology has also been advocated in popular media such as movies and novels. This is probably one of the oldest reverse psychology fundamentals that have become popular again.

Some individuals double their efforts to live life once they know that they are about to die. Making a bucket list is one way to enjoy the time that you have left. You can do all the things that you wished to do in life but couldn't due to some unavoidable reasons.

A few bucket list ideas include skydiving over Mt. Everest, bungee jumping or something that has scared you to death. Living like you had nothing to lose can be a blessing in disguise because it will help you achieve a lot more in a short span of time.

Life is a privilege and it must be lived in order to understand what it's all about. If you've been losing interest in life lately, open up and adopt the 'live like you were about to die' attitude. Life could be better if we learn to live like we are about to die.

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