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Are You Awake and Living Life To The Fullest Or Are You Just Existing?

Dreaming Awake
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By Janet Starkey

Whilst listening to the radio the other day, there was a short interview with a member of the clergy who was talking about Spring. He explained how he had felt miserable and listless during the dark and grey winter months.

When he realised how, all of a sudden, the earth had just seemed to wake up into springtime. He noticed the burst of snowdrops,the bluebells and the fresh new leaves growing on the trees and bushes.

He went on to say that he loved his garden but, as he looked at all of the weeds and grass that were suddenly growing, he immediately thought about all of the hard work that would be involved in nurturing it and making it look nice again. He also dreaded the physical pain he would get as a result.

As I listened, I could identify with what he was saying. I also have a garden like that. It takes a lot of time and energy, and I would also agree that it is more of an arduous task than an opportunity to enjoy the solace. Having said that, the hours and days of enjoyment I get from the finished article far outweighs the few hours of hard work in getting it there.

What struck a chord with me the most was what he had said about the earth waking up and coming to life after laying dormant for a long time. I thought "I know people like that." They are people who just seem to go about their daily tasks, doing the same things day in and day out. They never seem too happy about it. They look dormant. It seems that their emotions and dreams are stuck in an indefinite period of hibernation and they are just 'there', existing.

The difference between these people and the earth is, that the earth is controlled by the sun and the moon. The period of hibernation will always come to an end when it is right to do so. The people who are just existing are remaining this way out of choice and they will stay this way until they, and only they choose to end it.

What makes people this way in the first instance? There are a few reasons as to why this is. It may be a control issue, they may believe it is better to keep what little they have because they have full control over it. They can choose when to do it, how to do it and to what degree. The fact that they are not truly happy with it is not an incentive for them to do something differently.

Another reason could be fear. Fear of the unknown. Because the simple fact is, that if they don't do what they have always done then it will be new and alien to them. That can cause anxiety which can grow to extraordinary levels.

The other reason could be that their way of life has simply become a habit to them, and habits are an unconscious act. They can run these habits and carry these out without thinking about them which, by its nature, brings comfort and certainty with it.

This brings me nicely on to answer the question as to why anyone would want to stay living like this indefinitely. For the majority of us, we need a little bit of excitement in our lives to break up our routine. Most of us need a certain amount of routine but too much of it leads to boredom, frustration and even depression. So we go out and look at what we can do that is different and exciting.

We break up our routines in many different ways such as: Hobbies, social events, extreme sports, holidays and shopping. Some of us break our routines in far more negative ways like: shoplifting, physical assault and having affairs. However, the choices that people make, whether they are good or bad, it would take them outside of their comfort zone, and for them that is too much and too risky.

The truth is that we all have our own internal gardens to nurture and nourish so that we may continue to live and grow. Yes it may take energy and strength and it may seem at first to be too great a task to carry out.

However, rather than focus on the short-term rewards of staying inside your safe area of your comfort zone, look at the long-term rewards of what you will gain instead. As Wong Jun once said: "You need to learn to unlearn, in order to learn more."

So the question is: Are you awake?

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