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Momentum: The Key to Achieving Your Goals

Momentum 2005
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By Nicolette Goff

Picture in your mind a rocket, blasting off from the Cape. In order for it to get off the ground, and to escape the chains of Earth's gravity, a lot of fuel is needed.

However, once it is free of those ties, very little fuel will keep it on its path towards its final destination. It has achieved momentum.

How can you apply this metaphor to achieving your own personal and business goals?

Your daily activities are the jet fuel that will get you up to speed, and once that speed is achieved, you can keep moving with a lot less effort. There are three parts to get that momentum needed to achieve your goals.


That rocket doesn't stop and start the flow of fuel that powers it toward its destination. It has a continual flow. Your consistent and focused activity is your jet fuel that will power you towards your goal. As you perform the activity and overcome the hurdles along the way, you build that momentum.

Each time you find an obstacle in your path, you use your momentum to push past it. And each time you overcome a hurdle that previously stopped you; you become stronger, more able to overcome the next one. That consistency of action is the first step towards building true momentum.

Add More Fuel

More fuel? Yes. Your goals are your fuel. Set small goals that mark your journey. Whatever path you're on, whether it's creating a certain income or building a house or becoming more healthy, that path can be marked with certain 'goalposts'. They are the markers that drive you forward, each one bringing you to a new level in achieving your final goal.

As you reach and achieve each one, celebrate your achievement. Then reach onward and upward to the next goal. This acknowledgement and celebration of each small achievement is a vital step. Each goal achieved is the fuel, the second step towards building momentum.

Overcome Distractions and Discouragements

Whenever we set goals, one of the most difficult things to overcome is the negative feedback from others. Friends and family can be supportive, or they can be discouraging. For some reason, they often will try to 'save you' from making changes in your life. It makes them uncomfortable to see you grow, and fearful that they might have to change also. Their discouraging words can make you lose focus on your goals.

And what about distractions? Most of us have a lot going in our lives - work, jobs, social obligations, family, and so on. We can easily become distracted by all this activity happening around us daily. And as soon as we allow ourselves to be distracted, we lose that vital momentum.

Refuse to let distractions or discouragement make you lose your energy and focus. The third step towards building momentum is to have a clear vision of your goal at all times, and to believe you can achieve it.

Achieving Momentum

The best way to achieve and to keep momentum is to adopt a system that automatically drives you and motivates you. Create a 30-day game plan, and a daily method of operation. Each day, focus only on the action you have planned.

Your business DMO (daily method of operation) should include time for review, income producing activities, and personal development.

A daily review will allow you to stay focused on your goals, and to make alterations or corrections when needed. Income producing activities will vary, but should always have tangible and recognizable results. This is where 75% of your time should be invested.

Make sure you take time daily for your personal and professional development. Hone your existing skills and develop new ones in time set aside for training. Benefit by setting up a small accountability or mastermind group. Read daily, attend webinars and seminars, and share your wins with others.
Take these steps towards achieving and retaining momentum and see both your personal and business goals come alive.

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