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6 Steps to Better Focus

English: The spotlight model of attention.
The spotlight model of attention. (Photo: Wikipedia)
By Laura Wright

If you're like most people, you keenly feel the weight of what you need to do in life.

Unfortunately for some, the feeling does not leave even when you aren't really behind on anything.

Many people struggle with the battle of working more efficiently over that of working exhaustively.

The best way to start begins with a simple "to-do" list. Jot down ever issue, no matter how trivial, that you feel needs your attention right now.

This is the first step in narrowing down you overtaxed focus. Once you have everything you can think of on that list, it's time to prioritize.

What is most important? What do you actually need, as opposed to what you would merely like, to have done? Cross out anything that seems insignificant or isn't particularly urgent.

Here are some things to consider:

1. What is most important to me?
2. Which is most worthy of my attention?
3. How do I best accomplish my goals?
4. Which task would give me greater satisfaction to accomplish?
5. Does any item seem wasteful, does it waste time or energy with no real result?
6. How do I intend to complete my goals?

Too many people today have aspirations to accomplish or complete any number of wonderful, worthwhile goals. The inability to organize or coherently approach those goals does more to harm those ambitions than any factor of luck or fate. It's imperative to take each task into consideration as well as the actual importance of the task.

Now, narrow your list down, and only leave the most important tasks on the list. Which are really the most imperative? Rank each goal from 1-10, with the most important task being given a 1.

Once your list is down to a manageable level, you must decide how you're going to accomplish them.

The best way to work with a "to-do" list is to give yourself adequate time to accomplish each goal. If you don't complete everything today, or even this week, you already know what you will need to do tomorrow. This can help your tired mind focus the most intense on what it needs to achieve.

The things you want to achieve in life have not gone anywhere. Anything is possible with the right amount of focus and drive. Approach your list with much reflection on the best ways to accomplish what you need to.

Would you like to take an extended family vacation? There's no time like the present to start saving for one. Would you like to reconnect with family members? It's all possible and attainable with the right amount of concentration and focus.

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