Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Using Flowcharts With Goal Setting

By Mary Monica Moore

Have you ever noticed that the top big businesses use flowcharts? Flowcharts can help you to map out the steps to reach a goal. You can see the steps in a flowchart, allowing you to measure how far you've come and how far you have left to go.

Major car assembly lines use flowcharts to assemble pieces of an engine, just like Ford ... but a flowchart is a great visual tool to keep you on track to reaching your career goals.

When I draw up a flowchart, I start at the right hand side and draw a circle or bubble. Inside the circle, I write what my desired results are at the finish of the goal (an example is: Earn $125,000 per year in passive income from my online membership business/information product business).

Once I have my final flowchart bubble written out, I begin working backwards towards the left. The next bubbles I draw are the steps that come right before the end result. In this example, the steps just before the final result are:
- Generate sales for my e-book (that is one bubble that connects to the end)
- Generate sales from my online membership business (that is another bubble connected to my end goal) etc.

Just as I described with the examples above, I keep repeating that step moving towards the right, until I have the first step written (what I can start doing today or tomorrow). At that point, the flow chart is done.

A great use of the flowchart is to post it on a wall that you see daily so that it reminds you of where you are, how far you've come, and how far you have left to go. You can always add to the flowchart or take the old steps down that you've already accomplished.

An option that I like to add, particularly in the career/success type of flowchart, is another brightly colored piece of paper to the far right, at the end of the flowchart. On the piece of paper, write 'Rewards' and underneath that, write the rewards you'll receive for getting your desired outcome.

In my case, a reward could be: enjoy a hot fudge sundae, get a pedicure, or a really big reward for a really big goal would be take a two week vacation to Hawaii with my family. The rewards you choose and include should be desirable enough to propel you into forward action.

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