Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Techniques For Goal Setting

By Mary Monica Moore

Goal setting is a powerful instrument to help you achieve phenomenal results. Using goals have helped me to create my dream career, catapulting me to success using a pretty distinct formula.

Write your goals out and post them where you see them daily. Goals are like a roadmap to check often while you are on a journey.

When you write your goals, be sure to include a realistic deadline. If I tried to write a goal to lose 40lbs by next week, I wouldn't even try because it would just seem too impossible. But if I changed the deadline so that my goal was to lose 40lbs by the end of four months, I would try, because that is a realistic deadline to me.

For someone else, four months is not nearly enough time, so their deadline would be different. Whatever is realistic to you is what you need to include in your goals.

Using detail is important in goal creation. I have a goal to have a 3000 square foot custom built beachfront home located in _____ with a large screened-in pool, jacuzzi, surrounded by beautiful gardens, fruit trees, etc. on ten acres ...

The difference between that goal and 'I own my dream home by the end of this year' is the amount of details I've included. When I look at my 'roadmap' the details of the goal become imprinted in my mind and my subconscious mind begins working to make it a reality.

So, write your goals and post them where you'll see them, use detail, and read your goals often.

Goal setting is a great thing to do if you want to advance in your career, or change careers. I truly believe that everyone should live up to their potential, and do what they love in a career.

I've used goals to help me change to my dream career, of public speaking and writing, while being a stay at home mom, with two babies. My goal was to create a home based business using my talents that would have flexible work hours, not require much of my time, and allow me to earn six figures.

I created that goal just months ago, and posted a piece of it to my laptop. Here I am a couple months later doing exactly what my goal is.

If you'd like help with your goals, I am a personal coach and creative career coach and would love to help you. Life is way too short to not be happy, doing what you love, earning what you want. Check out this free coaching video on how to get your DREAM CAREER using 7 key steps!

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