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Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life Often Gets Sticky

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By Remy Chausse

There are three magical areas that work together to bring harmony to our lives. So when we're looking to fulfill our purpose in life, it's important that all these areas are aligned or we'll keep tripping through the process.

The first area to align is our energy (or emotions). The second area is our vision (this could be a past vision which is called a "story" or it could be a vision of the future). And the third area is our strategy.

If just ONE of these areas is lacking, we begin to stumble. If two of these areas falls apart, our life can become chaotic. We want the patterns to change, we want our life to go in a certain direction, but it simply won't "go".

As an example, let's say we have financial distress in our lives. We've become frustrated, and maybe at times depressed or even anxious. We begin to feel like a total loser, or like we're letting other people (or ourselves) down. And no matter what we try to do to correct the situation, no matter what strategies we attempt, it seems to keep getting worse.

Our energy may be frustration or depression. Our story may be that we're letting people down, and believe me, this could become a very lengthy story with lots of complicated details. And no matter how many strategies we try to implement, they fail.

Haven't you watched people go through this?

You could change your energy and become optimistic, but is that enough? As a natural-born optimist, I'd like to think so! But it won't be enough ... not if the story is complicated and self-defeating and dis-empowering.

Likewise, you could change your past story into a whole new vision, but is that enough? Not if your energy is still stuck in frustration.

And here's the kicker ... you could go to a new seminar or conference every month, trying every new strategy you can think of, and NONE of them will work if your energy and your vision aren't re-aligned.

You see, all three of these areas work together to bring harmony in our lives. That means you have to choose a positive energy, whether it's compassion, clarity or even certainty. You have to divorce your old story and create a compelling new vision. And this may take a lot of creativity and even more discipline!

But like Wallace Wattles said in "The Science of Getting Rich", you wear it mentally until what you want shows up physically. When you can master this, THEN your strategies will begin to work together.

But its human nature to keep working on the problem, instead of creating the future. And the funny thing is, the "problem" is merely an illusion that is there to help you evolve. Now that you know this magical formula, I'm hoping it will make your journey to finding your passion and purpose in life much easier!

What I've noticed is how easy it is to become addicted to a story. You have plot lines, main characters, a full orchestra, back stories, secondary characters ... and as REAL as the story may seem (and it may be 100% factual!), you can begin to slowly disintegrate into a downward spiral as you continue to repeat the story in your head, and keep focusing attention on this perceived problem. This addiction to your story keeps you stuck.

So one of my favorite tips for getting unstuck is rip your story to shreds. Break the addiction. Sit down and write a brand new story, envision a new story in your imagination, or even play out your new story as you pretend to be in your new life for just one hour a day.

Persist with this until the new story monopolizes your thoughts. Fill your story with positive energy and emotions, and really get this mastered! Then your strategies will begin to work like magic. Because until you can master all three areas simultaneously, no life strategy in the world will work.

Remy Chausse is the bestselling author of "Living Life As An Exclamation Point!" She's one of the leading experts in optimism, and believes, "We all have at least one true passion in life ... but more than that, we have a legacy. We weren't put on this earth to struggle or just survive. We were put here to express our one unique strength, and that uniqueness IS our legacy."

Remy helps you unleash the vision within, and bring your legacy to life through workshops, custom designed challenges, and free seminars such as "Create Your Big, Juicy Vision!

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