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10 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Life Coach

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By Tracey Jenae

At various times in our lives, especially with all the turmoil and conflict going on in the world today, we might find ourselves at a crossroads where we need another objective opinion. This can lead us to considering using the services of what is called a life coach.

Working with the right coach can be a gratifying and enriching experience but there are several things you need to consider to make sure you find the right personal match for your needs.

1. Take a look at the personality of the individual you are considering hiring. Do they seem like a people person? What have others said about them? What areas are they coaching in and do they fit with what your goals and objectives are?

2. How much time are they willing to make available for your sessions? Of course you can't expect someone to be available at your beck and call, but they should at least have an hour or so per week to dedicate to your sessions. The exact times and scheduling will be discussed during your initial negotiations but it's important to consider the times being offered to you.

3. Can you afford their rates? It won't do you much good to knowingly form an agreement with a life coach you can only afford to pay once when you need a month or more of services. It's also unfair to the life coach who is making the commitment to invest time in helping you reach your goals.

4. Are you offered a variety of training methodologies? Will your coach be primarily working with you through telephone, Skype or email? How comfortable are you working with them in this way? It's important to get the details clear right up front.

5. Are you and your needs really being heard? Most of us can relate to what it feels like to be in the midst of sharing something very important (to us) with another person who gives us the, "Yeah, Yeah" response. This is definitely not the feeling you want from your life coach. Consider what you are reading about the coach on their websites or what you hear in direct conversations with them.

6. What resources does the coach have to assist you? Are there tools to help you take action or measure progress? Is there a clear path for you to take to help you gain clarity, focus on needs, or help you think through life decisions?

7. Think about what you want or need from the person you select as a life coach. Are you looking for someone to tell you what to do? If so, you need to re-think your decision to work with a life coach as their job is not to dictate your life for you.

8. How resourceful is the person you are selecting as a life coach? Life coaches should bring something to the table that allows you to think through many options and alternatives in order to help you best reach your desired goals. If they can't think their way outside of a box, you might need to keep looking.

9. Is your life coach flexible in terms of both their approach to situations and circumstances and in their coaching styles? Life is not a constant and changes rapidly. Your coach should be able to adjust their coaching methods based on what best helps you reach your objectives

10. Listen to yourself and trust your gut instincts. No matter what you read, see or hear, if something about the life coach you are considering just doesn't feel right, you need to pay attention

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