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Is Saying No Difficult For You? Ask These 7 Questions Before You Make A Commitment to Any Activity

Change Your Life     Change Your Life (Credit: flyheatherfly)By Alicia Isaacs

Do you find it difficult saying no to projects and activities that won't fit your time, schedule or that will compromise your mental health?

There are only so many hours in a day and taking on more projects, which in themselves may not be all that bad, may only drain you instead of enhancing your life.

Your time is valuable and if you want to get the best of each day you need to firstly master the art of choosing and then saying no to everything else.

How do you know when to say no so you don't feel terrible or guilty after you've done it? Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself before making a commitment.

Q.1: As good as this may be, how important is it right now? Is this project or activity taking me closer to my life purpose?
Q.2: Is this project or activity making a big difference to others? Is it helping someone in need?
Q.3: What can I eliminate from my life that no longer serves me so I could use this time with this new project or activity?
Q.4: Who can I delegate this activity/project to?
Q.5: Who can I delegate some of my current activities to so I could take on this new project?
Q.6: Would engaging in this activity dramatically change my schedule? If yes, do I want that? Am I ready for such a dramatic change right now?
Q.7: What's the return on my time-investment spiritually, mentally and physically?

You can add other questions but this will give you a start to determine the direction you want to go. You can still feel good about your decision instead of feeling resentful because you accepted this project because you felt like you were under pressure.

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From: Alicia Isaacs - Changing Inside Out Now!

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