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Finding the Secret to Happiness

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by Shannon Miller, MyoneSource.com: http://myonesource.com

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Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be happy no matter what lot in life they currently reside in? Or that some people are able to overcome those major depressive bumps faster than others?

Does it seem like no matter how hard life tries to knock these people down they just don’t stay down for long? Maybe it is because finding the secret to happiness is not as elusive as it may seem and these people have already found the key. So, you ask, how can you go about finding the very same secret?

The truth is, the secret really is not that hard to find. The answer to finding and keeping happiness in your life is to simply live it - think happiness, practice happiness. By turning the following concepts into daily habits you too will find that you are happy more often than you are not.

Count Your Blessings

“Count your blessings” is not simply an expression about being grateful you still have the important things left after tragedy strikes. No, literally count your blessings and do it on a daily basis. It may seem silly, but after a while it becomes a habit to be grateful every day for the things that you have.

You begin to focus on the things that you already have and the over powering desire for things you do not have fades to the background, taking with it any feelings of envy, depression, loneliness, or anger.

Always Be Positive

This probably goes without saying, but keeping a positive outlook even in the face of adversity increases happiness. Optimism prevents loss of hope. It also keeps a person going forward in the event most hope is lost. It is the spark that keeps the eternal flame of hope alive even in the darkest hour.

In fact, a person with an optimistic attitude has a better outlook on life. Those people with a positive outlook on life tend to have less non-content moments than those that do not. They are happier with their jobs, their income, their relationships, and just about every other aspect as well.

Make the Most of Relationships

Be sure to maintain a close relationship with family and close friends. These are the people that make you laugh and feel good on a daily basis. They may not always make you feel happy and may even make you feel sad or angry, but they are always there not matter what happens. They are usually the ones that are quick to forgive and see past imperfections that others refuse to overlook.

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