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Ready to Enhance Your Creativity

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By Robin Spence

Life Coaching can Improve Creativity

"Are there any original ideas left in the world?"
"Someone else came up with that idea; is there anything else I can do?"
"I don't think there is any way else to solve this problem."

I judge a creative problem solving competition and am thrilled to NOT hear these statements from participants in the competition. The comments are however some of those from someone who decided that creativity has died.

At one point in time, the US Patent Office stated that everything that has been invented has been invented so there is no reason to keep the office open. Some people think this way and I'm sadden to think that they are no longer viewing creativity as a helpful to increase the quality of life. Working with a life coach can help you see just that.

You can approach any problem or challenge that requires a solution in a variety of ways. There are a multitude of ways to approach a problem. One benefit of working with a life coach is that he or she can show you how being creative can open new ways of thinking and horizons.

I encourage you to move forward with a good idea

Working with me as life coach you would become very comfortable with this concept. Each client is free to interpret his own unique way. I have been a Creative Problem solving judge for over 20 years and I am confident that creativity in its purist form is amazing.

Any time you come up with your own idea, you are creating. Working with a life coach can help a person enhance his or her creative thinking and create their own innovative solution.

For example, your automobile stalls on a busy freeway due to a bad hose in the cooling system. Darn it all, it happens in a busy place.

Chewing gum attached to your car's hose may patch the leak. And for good measure you tie a rag over the hose to keep the gum in place. Granted, this is an impromptu repair, it might work enough for you to drive a few miles to can get the hose replaced. Think from the movie, Apollo 13, "Houston, we have a problem."

In the mid '80s and early 90's there was a television show called " MacGyver." MacGyver was pretty creative and crafty. Whenever he found himself in a difficult spot, he used the materials around him to save himself. That is an example of life coaching, finding your way out using what you know in a way you had not used it in the past..

I love that creativity is a continuing learning process and it is one that can be enriched through life coaching. You gain untold benefits, which you can use in real life situations.

Working with a life coach may mean you think out-of-the-box, and step into the unknown. You can never be sure of your ideas until you try them. As long as there is no perceived danger involved, it is always worth a try.

Please consider that most changes in life are meant to improve our current circumstances. Trust that by applying creativity to how you approach life really is good and can help you achieve what you want in life. What's the adage, no risk, no reward!

Robin Spence is a Certified Elite Life Coach, is available for speaking, consulting and training. She owns Rightly Successful, LLC, a life coaching company that is focused on working with those interested in living a life of their own design.

Robin started Rightly Successful Coaching as a passion-based business so that clients will be able to make active choices about their life. Robin has over thirty years of experience working with women whose lives are in transition, and business people dealing with work life balance issues.

Through tailored coaching sessions she challenges her clients to actualize their dreams. She coaches women and men who have felt stuck in their lives or have a goal and just don't know how to get there. She works with people who want to enhance and further develop their innate creativity.

Robin accumulates and incorporates information and ideas and information based on her own experiences and learning from others and includes them into her life coaching practice, workshops and writing. You may visit her web site at or contact her at

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