Thursday, March 15, 2012

How You Should Be Thinking To Be Successful

The Wright brothers at the International Aviat...The Wright Brothers - Image via WikipediaBy Devin L Garnett

You are a person with a fire that has not yet been extinguished by the harshness of life. You still believe that you have the ambition to be one of the greatest, most successful people in the nation.

You spend your time pondering on ways to use your creative genius to be the next Henry Ford, Wright Brothers or Bill Gates. While all your friends party, you plan on how to make your dream a reality, foregoing instant gratification and short term gain for long term satisfaction and success.

You know that even though the cards are stacked against you, you still hold true to the belief that you are not destined for a life of mediocrity, not destined to have a life that is only vanilla, plain, flavorless, or black and white. Instead you see yourself as a High Definition, Neapolitan flavored, risk taker.

You refuse to be the "rule", you pride yourself for being the exception to the "rule". You are the one who follows their dream and won't subscribe to the "noise" of the "Nay Sayer". You study instead of party to become the best you, that you can be. And you refuse to watch life from the bleachers or the couch, you choose to participate.

You realize that it is easier to hang with friends then it is to perfect your craft. You know that it is easier to miss a day then it is to stick to a dream. You know its easier to procrastinate then it is to give it your all everyday. But you also know that its easier to look back on your life and know that you gave it your all then to live with regret.

When people see you they do not see a failure or laziness, instead they see determination, self-assurance, courage, and ambition. Fearlessness is not a word, its a lifestyle. It gets you past obstacles that stop most from accomplishing their dreams. Your presence ignites a fire in others who had previously lost that zest and will in their own lives. You are a visionary, a way maker, a maverick of sorts.

You see yourself mentioned with the greats. You see yourself being significant like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Strong like Muhammad Ali. An innovator like Edison. A genius like Einstein. A dreamer like Aristotle. A leader like Theodore Roosevelt. And a game changer like Obama.

You know "time" is precious especially since you can't buy it or buy it back. You refuse to disappoint yourself because you are unsure of the outcome, you act in spite of fear. If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. And you will die before you let your aspirations die like they didn't matter.

You know that that the richest place on earth is the grave yard where all the unrealized and untried dreams lay. You refuse to be that selfish, you refuse to hide your gifts, dreams and talents from the world that can benefit. You want the world to better because you lived and you intend to make it happen.

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