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How to Set Your Goals

Everything starts from needs or desires that b...Everything starts from needs or desires that become goals. In order to achieve their goals people frame intentions that lead to actions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)By Dr Jim Porter

Identifying and setting your goals can play a very important role in motivating you to realize your vision for the future. Goal setting helps you to choose where you want to go in life and what you wish to accomplish.

As soon as you identify where you want to go, you can begin to focus on achieving your goals. The ability to spot distractions that might lure you away from your chosen course will help.

Well-defined goals that are highly motivating will help you get into the habit of setting and achieving your goals. Your confidence and self esteem will grow as you start recognizing your abilities.

When you set clearly defined goals for yourself, you can track your progress and take pride in your achievements. Goal setting techniques are employed by various achievers, including successful business people.

Goal setting techniques focus your acquisition of knowledge and help you to organize your time so that you can make the most of your life.

This article will provide information on:
  • How to set your goals: consideration of lifetime goals, trying to achieve them and staying on your chosen course.
  • Tips for goal setting.
  • What to do after achieving your goals.
Setting your goals

Goal setting consists of various levels.
  • First, think about some large scale goals you would like to achieve.
  • Second, break down these large scale goals into smaller goals, so that it is easy for you to accomplish them.
  • Finally, start working towards your long-term plan.
Considering your lifetime goals

The first step in goal setting is to consider what you want to achieve in life. The following suggestions could help you to set your goals:
  • Do you wish to pursue any artistic goals? If yes, which ones?
  • Are there any athletic goals that you wish to pursue in the near future? Do you wish to remain healthy and sporty in old age? How will you achieve this?
  • What level do you want to reach in your career?
  • Relevant to your life and career, is there any knowledge or skills you would like to acquire? How will this benefit you?
  • Do you think you need to change your mindset? Is there anything that is holding you back and not letting you fulfill your potential?
  • Are you planning to become a parent? If so, when? How will you try to become a good parent?
  • Financially, where do you see yourself in the future and how much do you wish to earn?
  • How are you planning to enjoy yourself?
  • Do you have any ambitious thoughts of making this place a better place to live in?
  • Are you planning to give back to your community?
Try to select one goal for each category. Next, break each goal into small numbers of really significant goals that you can focus on.

Make sure the goals you are setting are ones that you genuinely want to achieve, and not something others expect you to accomplish. Always remain true to yourself when setting goals and discuss your plans with your family, spouse and friends so that they are familiar with your goals.

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