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How To Make Change Easy

Personal Development Seminar (21)Personal Development Seminar (21) (Photo credit: TijsB)By Dr Lisa Turner

The only constant is change, but it isn't always easy or smooth. In fact for most people the opposite is almost always the case. Here are some do's and don'ts that can make the process of change a little smoother.

Do's and Don'ts of Personal Transformation

Do Get Familiar With Your Own Process

Once you've been round the cycle a couple of times you will begin to get familiar with your response to these different stages. As you do so you can spot the signs that let you know what phase you're in, what's next and what to do to move yourself forward.

Don't Resist Change

I'm sure you've heard the saying "What we resist persists". When you resist change you're resisting the natural order of nature. It's like telling the seasons not to change, or trees not to grow. Resisting it is the one thing guaranteed to make it worse. If you try to stop a plant from growing, it grows anyway but becomes root bound with a mass of tangled roots in its pot. Don't let that happen in your life.

Do Get Used To Consciously Challenging Yourself

Research shows when fail to make a conscious decision to transform, change is forced upon us, and that's when it feels out of control and hard. This is why so many people opt for coaching. It's a way of consciously challenging yourself and getting support whilst you're doing it.

Don't Try To Go It Alone

The one thing that all successful people have in common is that they have a mentor. Transformation is inevitable and it's so much easier to handle when you have the support of an objective encouraging coach or mentor.

Do Learn To Suspend Judgment

Transformation is all about moving from one state to another. It's tempting to think that one state is inherently better than another. It's tempting to fantasize about how much better things will be in the future, or reminisce about the good old days. When you learn to cultivate an attitude that everything is evolving perfectly, you can develop a sense of inner peace.

Don't Compare Yourself To Others

Everyone changes at their own pace. It's not a race. There are no winners or losers. Comparing your journey of personal transformation with others is meaningless. That's like trying to compare who's having the most fun at a party, which would pretty much guarantee no-one would have any fun.

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