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Dynamic Productivity - Getting the Best Personal and Professional YOU

productivityProductivity (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)By Wayne Singleton

I have thought a lot about productivity - productivity either in the workplace or at home and I have come to the conclusion time management and productivity go hand in hand.

In fact, time management PLUS productivity leads to dynamic productivity. Dynamic productivity is an objective we should all try to achieve - its reaching a high level of productivity in a way which dynamically improves your performance.

You know the feeling - it creeps up on you. Things are going well then, bam, it all turns to custard.

You can't focus, your enthusiasm fades, it all moves to the backburner. Next thing you're convincing yourself it wasn't important any way!

I have wondered about why this should be for some time now. Is it a mindset thing? And what is "mindset" anyway?

If you think about it, "mindset" is many things. It is things like confidence, ambition, determination, focus, being consistent, delivering against your objectives, managing your time. To be productive you have to have the will to succeed.

If you don't have the "will" it is unlikely you will ever be productive. You'll never reach your goals.

That's when I started to think about dynamic productivity. To be productive you need to reduce the amount of time you waste. You need to stay focused, self confident and consistent.

Before you even start you should have your end goal in mind. Things like: Why am I doing this? What am I trying to achieve? Can I be more efficient? How am I travelling against my plan?

Dynamic productivity is ensuring all of these aspects stay positive but, importantly it is the recognition that they are all variables! Each aspect change by time of day, by the amount of effort required at any one time, and your desire to succeed.

If you 'get' dynamic productivity you will force yourself to build an unbreakably strong mindset to achieve no matter what. It might be at work, or at home or any of the activities you are involved with. You'll manage your time and be dynamically productive no matter what.

And, you need to have a plan - how else will you know what you are going to do the next day, the next week, the next year? No matter what the day or week brings, you must stay flexible but have the objectives (ie your plan) clearly in mind. That's what is meant by "dynamic".

Your tasks should be aligned with the end vision in mind. Only then will your daily and weekly tasks become easier to complete.

There is an eCourse on Dynamic Productivity you might just find will assist you. It's a free course but being free doesn't mean its not packed with value. Let me know what you think. Was it valuable to you?

Wayne Singleton has developed his ideas on dynamic productivity over a number of years of trying to balance work and his personal life, while achieving the maximum possible productivity in each area of his life. The concepts of dynamic productivity arose from this thinking. His website is at

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