Saturday, February 11, 2012

Woman Stabs Anger Management Classmate: Pair Were Arguing Over 'Dr. Phil' Video Shown in Class

Anger Management                        Image via WikipediaHi everyone,

Here's an interesting story proving that self-development can sometimes go down the wrong path!

from Click On Detroit:

An Oregon woman in an anger management class is accused of stabbing her classmate in the neck during an argument about a "Dr. Phil" show.

Luna Oraivej, 37, is suing Court Services Institute, a company that provides court-mandated anger management classes, for doing "nothing to intervene or de-escalate the violent confrontation" in an October 2010 class that left her "terrified and bleeding," according to legal documents obtained by Courthouse News.

Oraivej alleges that her classmate, Faribah Maradiaga, walked into the session late and began to loudly criticize a "Dr. Phil" tape that instructor Eric Ledberg was playing.

When Oraivej defended the video and asked Maradiaga to "give it a chance," her classmate snapped, according to the lawsuit.

With Ledberg looking on, Maradiaga approached Oraivej's seat, pulled out a blade and "swung the knife four times ... aiming for her neck," the lawsuit stated.

After the attack, Leberg walked the perpetrator out of the class, but didn't tend to the victim or alert authorities, Oraivej said.

Police apprehended Maradiaga and charged her with second-degree assault, but she has not reported for court, the Seattle Press-Intelligencer reported.
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