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Getting the Coaching Mindset

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Life Coaching is big business nowadays, an area of Self-Development which has grown substantially over the last few years. When you do a search on the internet for Personal Life Coaching you get a Whopping 46,100,000 results.

Even though I do believe there are substantial benefits from hiring a Personal Life Coach, the fact is a lot of people are not in a position to do so, however you can still gain many of the benefits of coaching by adopting a coaching mindset.

By adopting the following you will be on the right track to gaining a coaching mindset.

  • Listen to yourself, be aware of your own thoughts and the way you communicate with others, changing negatives into positives, listening and recognising negative talk is a large part of coaching, are you sabotaging yourself?
  • Listen to others, do you truly listen or does most of it go in one ear and out the other? Look at things from another person's perspective, don't judge or presume, we are all different; you can gain more understanding by just listening.
  • Ask questions, in any situation whether a thought process or a challenge to tackle, stop and ask a question: How can I change this? What am I feeling? What can I learn from this? How can I turn this around and enjoy the process? A great power question which you can use is: What is my desired outcome? Think about this one when adopted it will stop you in your tracks, you don't want to get into an argument, you don't want to be late all the time, you don't want to be unhealthy, and so what is your desired outcome?
  • Use questions to find out more about you, what do I love to do? What do I dislike? What am I good at? What do I need to do to change this? By asking questions and answering honestly you can find out so much and gain more understanding, perspective and control.
  • Use feedback, evaluate what happened in any situation or even an inner conversation, what did I learn? What part of an action I took today worked? Is there anything I did or said today (inner or outer) which I can improve on?
  • Give yourself praise, which will motivate and lead to continued positive action. Example: I recognised my negative thoughts this morning, turned them into positives, I felt more in control I will continue to do this.
By learning to listen and question before any question or action you begin to be more proactive as opposed to reactive.

Get a Coaching Mindset by Listening, Questioning, using Feedback and Praise. Be Your Best Always.


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