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Become Action Personified: How Success Comes to Those Who Act

Success Is CertainImage via WikipediaBy Dr. Richard Norris

Well it is a New Year. Again! Funny how they come round every year and at the same time?!

For many of us the holiday is over - literally and figuratively. Now it is back to work. No more parties, no real excuse to overindulge, no laughter, and no family gatherings (for good or, sadly for some, bad).

Hopefully, the first words out of the mouth of your boss, leader, manager or whatever heading they go by has not been, "Okay the fun is over. It is back to work!" Hopefully, the reality of returning to work has not been one of dread.

As often arises with something new, the New Year brings with it new cheer, new hope, new optimism and new opportunities. The wide perception is that you have a blank slate. You can start anew. And we all know (well most of us will be aware) that with a New Year comes resolutions. We also know that many do not survive much beyond the first days, weeks or month.

From my own observation, as an example, my gym gets busy every January. Whereas before I could easily work through my various routines as one of the few that enter the gym as it opens before the birds are awake, now I have to wait or detour or re-plan my workout. Fortunately for the true regulars we know the situation will return to normal in 4-6 weeks.

Resolutions have behind them good intentions. The reality is that there can be a lack of commitment and thereby action.

So what is the resolution you made as it relates to work this year? How is it going so far? Easy? Tough?

When it comes to those resolutions if you don't like failure then the easy out is to not make any. The tougher choice, as with any change for the better (to which a resolution intends to give rise), is to proceed to succeed. Do that and you will make a difference - to yourself, to your job and, therefore, to your organization.

Please let me empathize. Your success requires action.

A past client and seemingly raving fan of mine commented that her various followers, clients and connections needed to understand the importance of taking action - especially where it relates to winning through and becoming a success.

To know the success others enjoy you must take action (I know I have repeated that but it is the key point). No "ifs". No "buts". Once a resolution or decision is made act on it. This is NOT an option.

Go ahead! I dare you. Name one successful person, team or organization who has achieved success or is, better yet, an on-going success and they will have this one key trait in common. You can bet they deliver on their resolutions. In all my research, study and experience I have been unable to find that inaction is a key to success (note I said "a" key rather than "the" key. Action is, however, a critical one).

Joe Vitale talks about living from a place of inspired action. I agree. As Joe is often quoted, "The universe likes speed". Speed is often of the essence of action. It keeps you ahead on your Journey of Success and, keeping your Vision in view, it keeps you moving in the right direction.

Just look at the word, "action". Purposefully, in the middle of "action" is "i". I act on. Therefore, it is up to you to act on what is before you. Fail to take action at your own peril. Do you really want to disappoint yourself over your resolutions?

My Dad always told me that nature and how it thrives is based on survival of the fittest. Look at the Cheetah - the epitome of action on land. If it did not run it would not catch its prey. If it did not catch its pray, it would starve. If it starves it cannot perpetuate the species. If it cannot procreate, it dies!

To be fit implies you take action. Couch potatoes are not fit. Athletes are. Businesses that don't make it past the first 2 years (80% according to Michael Gerber, author of The E-myth Re-Visited) are not fit. Business that lead are. People and businesses dependent on government and society hand-outs are not fit.

People and businesses that are resistant to change are not fit. Those who embrace change are. After all, change is inevitable; growth is optional. People who are unmotivated or just do the minimum at work are not fit. Those who are proactive and growing are.

To grow fitter and stronger this year make those resolutions that are realistic and press on. To endure your Journey of Success means you must become "Action" personified. To get to where you are going you need to move. Just ask Usain Bolt.

So what are those 1-3 resolutions you have made you are going to stick to?
What difference will achieving them make to you, your job and your organization?
What is the first action you must take to build your momentum?

So don't just sit there, take action. You will be glad you did. You can thank me later! Dr Richard Norris is Europe's Foremost Speaker and Coach on Transformational Self-leadership For more information please go to http://www.drrichardnorris.com

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