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3 Simple Tips To Improve Self Confidence

confidenceconfidence (Photo credit: glsims99)By James W Ashley

We all want to be more confident in life. Having a greater level of self-confidence can open up so many doors to different opportunities, whether this be in employment choices, business success or even romance.. It all comes down to your ability to be confident within yourself.

Some people seem to be born with high levels of confidence, where as others seem to have zero. But did you know it is incredibly easy to increase? If you have belief in yourself, dedication and patience, you can improve your self-confidence over time.

Below are 3 simple tips that can help boost your self-confidence to new levels. Try these few tips and see the effect it has on your life.

When facing a new challenge, ask yourself 'what is the worst that could happen?'

The majority of the time the worst that could happen is someone saying 'No'. This small, tiny word puts fear into many people and stops them reaching out for something greater. When in reality it is not that bad. Sure somebody might turn you down, or say there are no job opportunities, but you might be surprised. You will never know unless you ask.

It is very easy to get lost in fear. When you sit down and think 'what really is the worst that could happen?' The majority of fear can disappear, making way for new thoughts of the potential consequences, both good or bad. Allowing your mind to discover how you can recover from any problems and learn from these mistakes.

You Are You! Not Anybody Else

You must learn that you are a unique person. With all the outside influences of today, which make people compare themselves to the next celebrity in the latest magazine. There will always be somebody richer, faster, stronger and more successful than you.

Benchmark your goals with yourself, not anybody else. Doing this can eliminate a lot of unnecessary pain in your life. Making you a more successful, confident and happier human being.

Think Positive - Not Negative

Stop seeing the negative side of things. Stop seeing the glass half empty but rather half full. Yes the grass is greener on the other side and the sooner you start thinking this way the better. Think positive and you will reap the benefits. Yes it can be difficult to do, especially if you have been stuck in a negative frame of mind for many years. But you have to start somewhere!

Try implementing these 3 simple steps for improving your self-confidence into your everyday life. See how your mind changes and the smile it brings to your face everyday.

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