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The "Why, What and How" Fuels Your Motives

English: motives hierarchy public domainImage via WikipediaBy Gwen Thibeaux

I work with different groups who take part in my e-Greatness Mastery group program for 90 days. These groups typically have a common goal in which they are focusing on during the program, but I take them through a process that includes all facets of their being - mind, body and soul.

During a recent orientation session, I encouraged the group to name their why, what and how. I urged them to answer and consider the following:
  • WHY have they taken this first step to be more accountable and responsible for their intended outcomes?
  • WHAT are those intended outcomes and what will be their next steps? WHAT are they willing to do or sacrifice for their goals?
  • HOW will they use the tools and resources available to help with their goals? HOW will they stay motivated and determined?
The reason I take groups through this series of questions is because as they move forward in pursuit of their particular goals, not just during my program but beyond, they will hit a bump in the road. And when they hit that bump in the road, their motivation and determination will be tested. They may question whether they have the stamina or courage to keep going (that's the reality for all of us).

If we reflect on our why, what and how, we maintain focus and stay committed to our intended outcomes.

The "why, what and how" defines and determines our level of motivation! It fuels our intentions.

When we know our motives behind every action or step we take in our life, we allow ourselves to have a better perspective on what we really want. We give ourselves an opportunity to decide whether what we are pursuing is something we really want.

The next time you hit that bump in the road or you feel like giving up because the task is just too difficult, or because the challenges are just too great, stop and remind yourself of your why, what and how. If you are connected and committed to the goal, the "why, what and how" will refuel your efforts and inspire you to keep going no matter what!

What is your "WHY, WHAT and HOW?"

Whenever you start to lose focus or get distracted by your current circumstances, remind yourself of why you have chosen the path you are on; remind yourself of your why, what and how. When you can step back, pause and reflect on your motives, you will continue to move forward, in spite of.

Gwen Thibeaux is a motivational teacher, speaker, entrepreneur and author of "Embracing the Greatness Within: A Journey of Purpose and Passion." Gwen is also the Founder and Director of EYG Academy and Training Institute. For more information on the author, visit or

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