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Why Goal Setting Can Make a Difference in the Way You Live Your Life

Goal SettingImage by lululemon athletica via FlickrBy Tawawn C Lowe

Goal setting is one of the most fundamental philosophies in life that you should give importance to if you want to give your life a purpose and direction. The world is full of infinite possibilities. You can design your life in any way you want and it all starts in creating a plan and establishing your goals.

Your goals can determine the degree of success that you can experience when you have achieved them. What is your goal? There are short-term goals and long term goals. Whether it is a career goal, a relationship goal or a weight loss goal, setting your goals deliberately will yield more positive results.

A lot of people are caught up in the hullaballoo of everyday activities that they miss out on the opportunities that are only achieved with careful goal setting. Sure, a lot of people have big dreams in life. However, most of these dreams will become just that - pipe dreams.

The problem is most people do not take serious action to achieve their dreams and goals in life. They leave it all up to lady luck to do the job and blame it on bad fate later on when things go wrong. If only people make concrete goals and follow through it no matter how difficult and sometimes impossible it may seem, there would be more happy people in the world.

So why is goal setting important? How can it make a difference in your life?

For one, it can give your life a purpose. Your life will become more meaningful when you are driven with passion into achieving something that will add value to your life. The way to achieving your goals may not be easy, but with great faith and determination you will get there.

You can create your own roadmap towards your goals. This will help you to stay focus and conscious of the road you are treading on. Without a goal, you can easily get off track and before you know it you are lost in the web of life.

Secondly, goal setting can save you precious time. When you have already mapped up your goals, you know which direction you want to take. Hence, you will spend your time wisely and allot most of your time doing the things that are in line with your goal. Most people are living in regrets because of the wrong choices and actions they made in the past. While it is true that people learn from their mistakes, a time lost is gone forever. Hence, we need to spend our time wisely.

Goal setting also promotes self-development, creativity and brings out your potential. When you want to achieve something, it will motivate you to think smartly and creatively. You will devise and find a way to achieve it. Your goals will enable you to get out from your comfort zone and explore opportunities. Hence, one of the greatest rewards of having a goal is also acquiring values in life during the process which will help shape your personality and attitude for the better.

Goal setting is therefore a great way to add purpose, direction and meaning to your life and bring out your fullest potential while helping you achieve satisfaction and success.

Tawawn Lowe is a Personal Power Coach. She integrates personal development to identify and pursue passion and purpose. Tawawn helps to bring clarity to your life's purpose, unleash your personal power, confidence, commitment and inspire action. Are you ready to live a clear, directed and passionate life? - Tawawn Lowe

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