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Stop Procrastination Before It Kills Your Dreams

Procrastination.Product of Procrastination - Image by Tysh via FlickrBy Usiere Uko

Procrastination is the thief of dreams, stalking us all day long. We love a life of ease and comfort. When given a choice, we opt for the path of least resistance.

Tomorrow seems to be our favourite word. We will do it tomorrow. We leave for tomorrow what we can do today.

Procrastination has done a lot of harm to goals, dreams, relationships, our health and virtually every area of our lives.

We have left saying "I love you" until it was too late. We have allowed some quarrels to go down to the grave because we kept postponing reconciliation until it was too late.

Procrastination is the culprit to virtually all of our regrets in life; not spending enough time with the kids when they were young, not eating right or keeping to an exercise regime, not making that phone call and going for that opportunity, not expressing our feelings and countless other things we left till tomorrow.

One of the biggest casualties of procrastination is our goals and dreams. One of these days we will get to it. We will start work on it tomorrow. We wait or when the conditions are perfect, when we feel like it, when all things line up, when push comes to shove.

Sadly, sometimes tomorrow never comes. We keep postponing and postponing until it gets overtaken by events. Someone gets to it first, the opportunity is lost, we start out too late or we never get to it before our final curtain call.

A lot of folks go down to the grave with dreams unfulfilled, books not written, inventions not made, trips not taken, lives not touched, songs left unsung, contributions not made, potentials not fully realized, mission not accomplished.

I tend to look at life as a bombing or flight mission. A fleet of air force fighter bombers taking off from base laden with fuel, bombs and ammunitions on a sortie. There is a target to deliver the payload of bombs and ammunitions at a specific enemy location.

In a failed mission, the fighter bombers have to abort the mission and return to base mid way. Since they cannot land safely back at base laden with such deadly cargo, they have to dump them before returning back to base.

The normal practice is to fly out to sea to dump the fuel, bombs and ammunitions before heading back to base. It is the same with commercial jet liners. They take off heavy and land light with their fuel gauges almost at empty.

In an emergency landing, it takes a very experienced pilot to land a jumbo jet laden with aviation fuel. It the fuel tanks hit the tarmac in a crash landing scenario, none of the passengers may survive the fire and explosion. Hence a successful mission is one which the aircraft takes off heavy and lands light.

It is the same with life. We arrive here laden with purpose, dreams, potentials and aspirations that can make a unique contribution to the world and leave it better than we met it. Due to laziness and fear, we delay going for our dreams and get busy with survival and walking the paths of our parents.

We have a burning desire on the inside but we keep postponing stepping out. We start a project and do not see it through to completion. We write books but don't complete it, start a business on paper but do not throw our hats into the ring, we have an idea but we do not take concrete steps to actualize it. We put our dreams on hold while we work on someone else's dreams.

We have readymade excuses why we are long on talk and short on action. We don't have enough time, when the children are older, when we retire, when we move to a bigger house, when we have more money, when the economy improves, when...the list goes on and on. We have enough reasons to convince ourselves why we cannot do it today.

We do not have unlimited time. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will be ours. Sometime tomorrow never comes. Today is the tomorrow you spoke about yesterday. The past is gone. Tomorrow is not yet here.

The only aspect of time we have control over now is today. Now is the best time to do it. We have to make everyday count. Each day presents us with a fresh set of 24 hours to do as we please. Time waits for no one.

Time marches relentlessly on. If time stops for you, the world has moved on outside your window. The time you don't utilize optimally is wasted and gone for good. We have to develop the habit of asking ourselves moment by moment if what we are doing right now is the best use of our time. The moment we run out of time, we are out of the game.

Stop procrastination before it kills your dreams. Make sure that as the sun sets every single day, you have moved one step closer to your dream. If you keep moving towards your dream at least a step every single day, achieving your dreams is only a matter of time.

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