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What Everyone Wants to Know About Visualization

Dream, Think...Image by ~yienshawn92~ via FlickrBy Florence Redman

Visualization is a mental picture that is seen in your consciousness. Visualization entails not only a specific scene in your consciousness but includes an important part, the releasing of the scene.

In creating balance in your life it may be necessary to visualize the situation that you want change, the home, job or other desire. In visualization you concentrate on a subject to form a clear picture. Anything the mind can think of can be imaged or visualized but the picture must be clear.

With the mind's eye you create a picture that contains all the details connected to some thought and idea or problem that you want to achieve or solve. When visualizing, you should always create the final outcome of what you want or the solution to the problem.

If you want to get a beautiful home then see yourself living in the finished home with all the specific features that you desire. Some years ago, I wanted a larger home but was unsure of how to get it. I visualized often before going to bed and on rising and during the day when ever the house came into my mind.

It was important to see my sharing this house with family, friends and even friends of family and friends. During this time the saying; to whom much is given, much is expected often entered my mind and created some balance about the true measure of the house as I visualized it.

This home has been shared with many persons over the years, some were known to me and some were just visitors we were asked to assist. Many of my children's friends still come to stay as they know that there is always room for one more. Even young children who started coming as babies now show new visitors the home because as one 6 year old said I have been coming here forever.

When you visualize you should able to close your eyes anywhere and anytime and see the object or the condition that you desire to create. You must visualize it exactly as you want it with all the details. It requires shutting out all distractions, the ability to concentrate and to lose inner consciousness of everything but what you desire.

It may even require using the other senses like smell, touch, taste and sound to assist with creation. When the picture is perfect, take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and then release into the universe and ask the cosmic to let it manifest.

The releasing is also part of balancing the desire as it is only when it is out in the universe that it can be fulfilled. Once released just go about your business of the day as usual and do not dwell on it as it may prevent the ultimate completion of the visualization.

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