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Stop Living Your Life On Autopilot!

Autopilot EngagedAutopilot Engaged - Image by Mike Miley via FlickrBy Alan Roy Hocking

Are you living your life on autopilot without even realizing it?

Does life seem to throw things at you that you haven't asked for? Are there never enough hours in the day and do you constantly ask yourself, "Why is this always happening to me?"

If you start your day on autopilot then you're setting yourself up to fail - end of story!

My father used to jokingly say: "If you wake up and your body aches, be glad, it means you're still alive. But if you wake up and feel nothing then you're in trouble it could mean you're already dead!"

I never really took a lot of notice of it, it was just his dry sense of humor and he didn't really have any deep and meaningful thought to share, it was just one of his frequent witty sayings.

It was only later on in life, after I started understanding how the Creative Laws of our universe work through the Secret Law of Attraction that I realized there was a lesson to be learned.

Firstly I must say that you should never wake up aching and just accept it as a part of life and growing old but that's another subject that I want to leave for another day.

What I want to focus on here is the second part: "If you wake up and feel nothing, you're in trouble!"

All too often we become victims of living our lives on autopilot and let ourselves become controlled by time and circumstances.

Are you guilty of setting your alarm clock to go off at the last minute possible just to get an extra five minutes in bed?

And when it does ring, do you leap out of bed with just enough time to get the kids ready for school and end up rushing out of the door still trying to drink the last mouthful of coffee and eating the last piece of toast as you throw everything into your car and hope there isn't a traffic jam on the way to make you late?

If you start your day like that, how do you think the rest of the day will go?

Do you think it will all calm down when you get to work? Or will you just carry on at break neck speed chasing the clock for the rest of the day until you finally get home, crash out on the sofa and wonder where the day went!

That my friend is living your life on autopilot!

Have you noticed how at the weekend when there is no school and you have a day off you wake up in your own time, with no alarm clock ringing, feeling relaxed with time to think about what you want to do with your day.

If you wish every day was a Sunday, it can be!

As we dig deeper into how the Law of Attraction really works we become more aware of how our thoughts and feelings control our lives and create our circumstances. You and only you are responsible for your life!

If you want every day to feel like a Sunday you need to switch off the autopilot now and take control of your life through a conscious and deliberate application of your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

You might not like this bit but, you need to set your alarm half an hour earlier! But don't get straight out of bed! Use this extra time to set your day up mentally.

Start by thinking about the people closest to you who share your life and feel the love you get from the special person lying by your side, the joy your children bring you and be glad you have them.

Think about the day ahead of you and imagine everything going smoothly.

Start to get up and repeat in your mind how relaxed you feel and that you have all the time in the world to enjoy your day and as you are getting ready to leave the house think about how great a day it's going to be and of all the things that you will achieve.

It might seem strange to begin with and you will have days when your autopilot wants to kick in and take over again but you will find as you practice this exercise every morning things do start to run smoothly for you and soon you will start to plan your whole day before you even get out of bed and will start to look forward to getting up and your day will go exactly as you planned.

Don't wake up and feel nothing!

Remember: "Only dead fish go with the flow!"

It's your life! Switch off the autopilot now and take control of your circumstances!
Then and only then will you start to experience the Miracle and Power of the Law of Attraction working for you instead of against you.

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