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The New Year's Resolution Most People Never Make

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I don't know about you but I've been trying to avoid all the food out there during this holiday season. It's like trying to ignore political ads when the TV is on.

It's almost impossible. It's tough NOT to gain weight. That's probably the reason so many people make a New Year's resolution to lose weight.

While many of us are working on our guts, far fewer have the guts (pun intended) to work on something a lot more difficult - changing our lives.

A New Opportunity to Start Fresh

The New Year provides a unique opportunity each year to start over and set a new course. Few take the challenge. Losing weight is far easier than re-setting your sails or trying to change your life for the better by undertaking a new business or challenge.

In one of my favorite books, The Traveler's Gift, Andy Andrews writes about a man who's down on his luck, gets into a car accident and loses his will to live - until he encounters some figures from history. Each figure gives him a bit of wisdom to confront his future.

One of the things he learns is that he will not let history control his destiny. He's taught that each of us has chosen the pathway to our destination and the responsibility for that is ours to own. While we can't change the past, the good news is that we can change the future by making good decisions and then taking action.

Focus on the Mental Challenges and Confront Your Future

And that brings me to my central point. Far too many of us focus on the physical and not the mental part of our challenges. We can lose weight, grow more hair (well, some of us can), whiten our teeth, but we often fail to change our lives.

We remain prisoners of our current situation and fail to change the course of the life we want most to change; our own. We wish we had more money or a different set of friends or drove a better car, etc. but seldom do we take the action that is required to change those things. We are held back by the fear and humiliation of failure, rather than the almost unlimited possibilities the future presents us.

Start Small, But Start Somewhere!!

I know what you are saying. "Scott, I have kids, a mortgage, bills to pay, I can't afford to do anything. I can't take a risk." I'm not saying give up your job, or tell the boss to, as Johnny Paycheck once sang, "Take This Job and Shove It." I am saying to begin your change by working on the edges.

By taking that TV time at night, or get up earlier or take some time on the weekends to work on a new business. Start small, with a small investment until you know it works, then invest more time and money. I didn't say this was going to be easy but nothing good in life ever is, unless you win the lottery or inherit your money.

The Difference Between Having a Vision and Not Having One

I used to manage a large group of mostly lower middle class working people. They were great people but almost all of them lacked a couple crucial tools; a belief in themselves; and a vision of their future. They didn't think they could change their futures, so they simply never tried.

Yes, they wanted better lives, but they just never went that extra mile to grab it. They didn't have bank accounts and were, for the most part, content to settle for the job they had. They never dreamed big or took the action to set up something for themselves. They never looked beyond the next week.

I know what you're thinking. "Great, Scott, but you've never been poor." Wrong. In my first TV job out of college I made minimum wage and because I was salaried, worked 50 hours a week. The people at McDonalds were actually making more than I was. But, I had a vision for my future. And I made it there.

I still have a vision for my future today. It's changed over the years as my hopes and dreams have, but I think about it every single day. I think about where I want to be, where I want to live, what I will do and envision my future. And, I have a way to get me there.

So this coming year, think larger than yourself. Think how you can get there. What steps do you need to take and then TAKE ACTION. Good luck.

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