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Is Your Why More Powerful Than Your Why Not?

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As I just finished up a long day of work, I was setting out to write some content that will help keep me better organized, and my fatigue and desire to lay on the couch inspired me to write about the importance of motivation in individual business ventures.

The problem, and this likely goes for almost any entrepreneurial venture, is that you don't always have someone looking over your shoulder to keep motivated when you are going into business for yourself.

Additionally, unlike if you were getting a nice high-paying job with an established company, most of your friends and family probably think you are nuts! Because consistency is one of the most important things to make sure your business is successful, here are three tips that will help you overcome any of those tough days where you just can't get things going.

Find Your Why, Overcome Anything

1. Does your "why" outweigh your sloth? This means that is the reason you are starting a business in the first place more powerful than your desire to go to happy hour with your friends? Watch a movie tonight? Whatever it might be. Do you hate the idea of staying in your current job or your current financial experience more than you don't want to work on promotion of your business? Or investigate a new marketing strategy?

These are important questions, because if they don't, it makes it very hard to stick with your business because most people aren't going to tell you you stick with it, they will likely tell you they are glad you finally came to your senses when you give it up.

2. What is your competition doing? There are people out there that are toiling away working towards the same thing you are. Not that you have to do this as well to be successful, but you need to take action, and it may help you to think about the fact that there is probably someone else out there that you are competing with that is making the tough choice to work as hard as they can.

3. Can you tolerate failure? This one doesn't work for everyone, but can you stand the idea of starting up with something that you know works, but you simply didn't become successful because you didn't try as hard as you could have? For some people, barring some extreme life-changing circumstance that would have pulled them out, once they make a commitment, they will stick with it for the long haul (think greater than 3-5 years).

Independent of what you use to keep motivated, it doesn't really matter, what matters is what keeps you going on a day-to-day basis. One of the cool things about being productive is that as you start doing whatever you were dreading, it usually is never as bad as you think it will be. In fact, the process of writing articles such as this one, is usually enough to get most people up and taking action.

I am an individual business owner that specializes in goal setting, leadership and planning for people in any type of industry.

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