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The Happiest People Don't Have The Best of Everything - They Just Make The Best of Everything!

English: Emotions associated with happinessImage via WikipediaBy Alan Roy Hocking

In my early days in direct sales I was young and impressionable and wanted to be just like my sales manager. I wanted his designer suits, his luxury car, his fancy watch, the big villa he lived in ... and I spent all my time focusing on getting those things.

Twelve months later I was earning a good living in sales but I hadn't earned anywhere near enough money yet to buy the things he had. I had a nice little house a cheap reliable car and lived with a nice country girl who loved the simple things in life and wasn't at all impressed by my flash sales manager friend.

One night on a boy's night out we were just chilling and chatting and my sales manager started opening up to me and confessing how he had always envied me!

I was shocked to say the least. Here was this guy who I had set my goals around opening up his heart to me! And on top of it he envied me!

After over an hour of him talking and me listening it turned out that he hated wearing designer suits, his watch was a gift, his luxury car and big villa were rented and his wife was just about to leave him because she couldn't stand the person he had become. He had made himself ill from the constant pressure of always wanting bigger and better things!

In his eyes I had the perfect life and he would have swapped it for his life any day of the week!

It brought me right down to earth!

The image I had built up in mind about what his life was like was the complete opposite to the reality. I was so far of track it pulled me up dead and I realized that the only thing I can be 100% sure of is what I know to be true. And the only thing I really know to be 100% true, is my life!

Not anybody else's life.

My Life!

Ever since that night I have learned to focus on my own life and improve what I already have instead of focusing on what I think other people have.

"The happiest people in the world don't have the best of everything ... they just make the best of everything!"

Remember. It's your life not anybody else's!

You will only experience true wealth and happiness when you learn that life is about living not about having!

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