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Do You Finish What You Start?

Finish line!Finish Line - Image by Perfecto Insecto via FlickrBy Kevin Bernard Blake

"Finish What you Started"

Do you tend to get excited about doing something, start it, and then get sidetracked by something new?

This can be a project, a new career, a hobby, a business idea, an investment idea, or anything else you can think of that you put aside. Starting assignments or tasks and not finishing them is a universal challenge.

Ask yourself, when I will finish my homework. When will I finish reading this book? When will I finish cleaning my room? How many times have we made promises to ourselves and to others, with the intention of following them through, only to forget about them after some time?

The problem starts when we quit, either due to lack of self-discipline and negative thinking. If we lack self-discipline or have a negative mind-set, how can we achieve anything, even small minor everyday tasks?

Well, I'm happy to be the bearer of good news. This article will help you and motivate you to finish what you start and increase you're NO power ... Today is a great day to create the new habit of finishing what you start.
When you master the concepts you'll learn in this article you will never be the same. Many people talk the talk but don't deliver. There are lots of business professionals out there who have nothing to show for themselves but a bunch of unfinished ideas and dreams.

Before you say yes to any new projects or tasks that come your way remember to ask yourself this question ...

What do I have to finish now?

By doing this every time an opportunity presents itself, you will start to analyze and rate each task or idea and develop a sound decision for your next step. Whether it's to decline the offer or say yes to the projected offer, even though you FEEL you may not finish. Think about the ideas or things you still haven't completed or started because you've gotten sidetracked.

Grab a pen and your notepad and write it down!

As your writing each item on your pad rates each task or to-do, put a number from 1-5 next to it. One (1) meaning you are not interested in finishing that particular task or to-do. If you find yourself rating anything a two or three that means you liked the idea but you don't quite LOVE it yet. Look inside of your heart of hearts to figure out if you should RUSH it or FLUSH it. Anything you rate a five should give you the feeling of excitement or exhilaration.

Scan your list one more time before you make your final decision on what to start first. Remember pay close attention to how that idea made you feel, this concept will help you make the best decision every time.

As for all the other things you find yourself not finishing, I have a very simplistic solution for those challenges you're facing or will face in the future. Always ask yourself - do I have time to start and finish? What will happen if I don't say yes? If you can't bear to abandon your project and if you can't salvage it part way, then make up your mind to finish it - and really commit yourself to this.

In the future, when you except any new offers, as far as, a new career, hobby, business idea, investment idea, or anything else, create a deadline. This technique will give you a combination of attributes like willpower, a sense of urgency and motivation to take action. You need to start and finish everything you start.


Most importantly find out the WHY in every task or decision you make. We all start projects that we know we can't finish, but one of the true keys to success is FOLLOW up and FOLLOW THROUGH. So continue to develop genius ideas, goals, or anything else you can think of to create the life you want.

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