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Correcting Course - Take Back Control of Your Life

NutritionImage via WikipediaBy Hywel J Williams

After finishing university, or college, you get your first 'real job'. Sometime after this you begin to accept certain things. Things you would've never considered accepting earlier in your life. We become so realistic. Things that are 'dead certs' become your best friends.

You start to dress a bit more like your dad (or Mom). You start to put a little bit of weight on, but that's not so bad - you're tired. Besides, the bloke who sits next to you in the office is twice your size.

We accept the previously unacceptable. This is why we see so many fat middle-aged men in boring cars.

They've accepted - their partner for the rest of their life, their job (even if it did bore them to death for the first 5 years, and now they're too set in their routine to notice), their fat bodies. We begin to have more excuses, despite the fact we're getting older and technically have less time to do the things we want to do: "I'll start to get back in shape after the holidays", or "I'll start my own business once I have X amount of money".

Well the truth of the matter is most people will make a new excuse each day from here on, it's never the right time, and you're always too busy, or too financially unstable.

Now, that doesn't mean leave your partner, quit your job, and starve yourself to death. It does mean you regain your self-respect. Start to climb your own ladder, start to take action to fulfill some of the things you want to do.

Here's the key to making the changes you need to: define the measures you need to take to make a change, plan how to implement these measures, record your progress. Small Incremental steps each day can make a huge difference over a year. Your life could have improved ten-fold.

Record your steps each day - so you can see the improvements you've made. Perhaps you'll only have lost 10 pounds over the course of a year, maybe some months you even put weight on, but you wouldn't have lost any if you didn't take action. Perhaps you've just started running your own business in your spare time while you also have a job, but at least it exists - it's not just a plan in your head anymore.

Start correcting your course today. Remember, if you decide to make a change, people will take shots at you. Record what's said - prove them wrong. In a bucket full of crabs, whenever one attempts to escape, the others pull it back down. People aren't too dissimilar - they like it when those around them remain at the same level.

Think about it.

"First they ignore you,
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
And then you win"
- Gandhi

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