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Believing in Yourself - 3 Reasons to Give Yourself a Chance

BelieveImage by uglyagnes via FlickrBy Asia Sharif-Clark

You can move mountains by believing in yourself. There is no challenge you cannot overcome with a splash of confidence, a touch of will, and a pinch of faith. Here are three reasons to give yourself a chance.

No one can sing your song ... but you

You came here with a song to sing and only you can sing it, in your key. Imagine the world as one big choir with each person singing in his or her key, creating breathtaking harmony. Now imagine that harmony is broken, they are one key short. The sound, the void, is powerfully noticeable. You are that sound. You are that key. The world is incomplete without you.

No one can create your footprints ... but you

You leave your footprints, your mark, wherever you go. Tracks that can only be made by you. By believing in yourself, you try trails you would have otherwise passed. You connect with fellow travelers you would never have met. You exchange ideas you would never have thought. Just by traveling your path, you leave your mark.

No one can tell your story ... but you

Every day you create a slice of your history, your story. No one can tell it but you. Tell it by living it. As the sun rises, rise, and embrace the day. Take a chance, learn a lesson, teach what you've learned and begin again. Imagine loved ones sharing your story eighty years from now.

They share your beginnings, challenges, and dreams. The story is compelling. How one human being overcame incredible circumstances: with a splash of confidence, a touch of will, and a pinch of faith. It's the powerful story of believing in yourself.

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