Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beliefs - Do They Hold You Back?

Ball and chainImage via WikipediaBy Sarah PJ White

The life you are currently living is a reflection of all your beliefs. The people in your life, including friends and loved ones, your job and even your health are all a reflection of your belief structure.

What you are willing to accept and tolerate is a reflection of your beliefs - good and bad. If you continued to have all the same beliefs that you hold at the moment, your life will stay the same. This is good news if you are currently living a fulfilled, happy life - but what if you're not? What if you want your life to improve?

Some people seem to breeze through life. They're happy, charismatic, have fulfilling jobs or careers, they even have fulfilling relationships with amazing friends and loved ones, who treat them with respect and loyalty. So what do they do differently to you? Are they 'gifted'; 'lucky' or just 'born with the right connections'?

They simply have beliefs that support them. They believe they deserve the good things that happen in their lives, they also believe that they are worthy of being successful and happy. Their belief structure is a positive one - they treat other people with the same respect and loyalty that they expect from these other people.

They want to live life making full use of their talents and gifts - but also realise that other people have exactly those same rights - so they will help others who help themselves.

The person with a positive belief structure stands out in the crowd. They refuse to allow other peoples' opinions dictate how they want to live their lives. They understand that it is important to keep beliefs that help you and get rid of those that don't.

Your successes and your failures are all influenced by your beliefs - they are like a rulebook you have written in your subconscious mind that controls everything you do - and everything you want to do. Whether you want to achieve something (like learning a new skill or earn a certain amount of money) your success is determined solely by your rulebook; your beliefs.

When you struggle with an experience or when you feel inner turmoil after you make a new choice or decision; if it down to a conflict with one or more of your beliefs.

So, how can you solve this problem? Get to know what your beliefs are. Spend time alone, writing down your thoughts on your life and what you want to achieve - and make a note of any that have a negative feeling or thought attached to them.

Maybe you had beliefs that did once serve to help you, for example, if you were in a horrible job or relationship, you might have thought all relationships or jobs were horrible. Now you're in a different job or relationship, that belief will no longer help you - so get rid of it and replace it with a positive belief. Look for evidence to back up this new belief and install it into your rulebook.

Mastering your unconscious beliefs will enable you to end your struggle, become master of your destiny and be in a position to feel good with your life being this new happier, positive way for as long as you wish.

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