Friday, December 2, 2011

Appreciation: It's a Wonderful Gift to Give

AppreciateImage by nouspique via FlickrBy Brenda Jenkins

Do you remember how it feels to work in a team effort at work to get a task accomplished, or in your home where the home team works together to make everything run smoothly?

Nothing like a little "atta boy" to lift the spirits and make you want to do your very best for those around you. A little appreciation can go a long way and it's a wonderful gift to give.

In our homes, things are a little more personal and most of us try to take plenty of time for our family to let them know how much we appreciate what they do.

Show some extra care though this time of year and help out a little extra around the house. Make breakfast, or some other job, to give another family member a break from their typical routine. Be especially attentive to your spouse and family members. Hugs and kisses go a long way in many families.

There are also those colleagues inside and outside of your business who go out of their way to make sure that you've got what you need to get your job done. Among these colleagues could be your personal work staff, printers, distributors, delivery companies, caterers, couriers; anyone who helps to make sure your job is done well, and gets done on time.

It's very necessary at this time of year to say, "Thank you," from a sincere heart. We should let all of our colleagues know that without their hard work, great ideas and expertise, we would have been lost without them.

It may take a little character adjustment for some of us to do this for fear of gushing all over someone when you go out of your way to make your thanks known. It's not "phony" or being a "brown nose" to show simple appreciation to those who have done well to make your job a little easier. Working in a little thankfulness with sincerity will often be reciprocated. Who among us really doesn't love to feel appreciated and needed?

Let's not forget those out of jobs, or in dire situations. Food banks and homeless shelters, in our city, are needing supplies more than ever. Give of your heart to donate time or money to those who really are financially stressed and burdened. A kind word, a soft touch, a look of understanding or just listening with care can be a great gift of support and comfort to those in need.

Take it upon yourself to give forgiveness and overlook the wrongs done to you by others. It only hurts you if you don't. Put a smile on your face, plant some joy in your heart and know that you make a difference in this world. Show others that they do too. Appreciation is a wonderful gift to give.

May God bless you all and let His light to shine upon you.

Brenda Jenkins is a former realtor, wife, mother and grandmother. She enjoys family, writing and home improvement projects.

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