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Achieving Goals: Learning the Habits of an Achiever

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We are all capable of great achievements, but only a number of us have made achieving goals a habit.

Back in high school, there was at least one person who stood out in the senior crowd who had it all - straight A's, leadership positions in several clubs, a spot in the athletic squad, popularity, good looks, et cetera.

In the workplace, there is at least one person you know who shines in his department. Eventually that person makes it to the top of the corporate heap.

You, on the other hand, have always wondered how they do it so consistently. Below are the habits of achievers that you can learn from:

Achievers know what they want

They don't waste their time doing things they won't enjoy, because they know that they won't give it their best shot. There is no point in achieving goals they are not passionate about.

Achievers are disciplined

They don't let distractions get in the way of their goals. They know they need to make some sacrifices in order to get what they want. While everyone else is busy partying during the weekends, achievers use some hours in the weekend to work on their master thesis. While others celebrate a mid-year bonus by going on a holiday, achievers invest the money in a time deposit or a small business.

Achievers believe in themselves

They know how to motivate themselves from within. Praise and encouragement from other people are always welcome, but when it comes to pushing themselves to achieving goals, they rely on their self-esteem and confidence especially when the going gets tough.

Achievers don't quit at the first sign of failure

The most successful people in the world wouldn't have gotten to where they are today had they quit on the first failed attempt. They learned from their mistakes, brushed them off and carried on.

Achievers don't rely on others to carry them to success

Sure, it helps to know the right people, but social connections can only take you so far. Achievers know that if you don't hone your skills, no one will want to work with you.

Achievers don't listen to naysayers

Why waste time listening to people who will tell you that you will never make it? They are obviously bitter and jealous souls, and don't wish to see others succeed. Rather than spending their energy on achieving goals of their own, they're bent on keeping others miserable like them. Pay them no heed.

Achievers don't apologize for succeeding

It's so easy to feel guilty for being so successful when your friends and family are struggling. Achievers know that they won't be helping anyone or even themselves if they stuck to the status quo. They also don't feel the need to explain their plans and actions to them. To keep the peace and help them focus on their goals, they do things quietly but in a big way.

In summation, achievers choose to have the mindset of a winner. They rely on discipline, innate enthusiasm, faith and a positive outlook in life to keep them going. Anyone can be an achiever regardless of one's background or experience. Adopt the habits of achievers and over time you will become one!

Leah Ryan has changed her life using the power of positive thinking and has helped many others with achieving goals. She is dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better.

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