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Achieve Your Goals - Changing Your Life and Reaching Your Dreams

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Every person in the world wants to change something about their life, whether that's their body, their relationship with someone, or their material goods. Everyone wants something. Most people in the world don't know how to get it though.

If you were to walk into a college and ask a group of 100 students what they had planned for their future 80 of them wouldn't have a plan at all, 15 would have a mental plan they hadn't written down, and 5 would have detailed goals written down.

If you were to survey those same 100 students ten years later the 15 would be making more than the 80 and the 5 would be reaching their goals and achieving their dreams.

Goals are a vital part of taking you to where you want to be. Without them you may know where you want to go but you have no definable way to get there. It's like taking a car trip across the country. Without a map or any way to navigate you're going to turn down streets with dead ends. It will take you much more time to reach your destination. With the map however you know which way you're going, you can see the connections and find your way even when you do get lost.

So how do you go about defining your goals?

1. Make a dreams list. Don't stifle your imagination. Write down everything you ever want to do no matter how small or silly it may seem (you can always revise this list later).

2. Decide when you want to make these dreams a reality. A year, ten? Set a date (congratulations you've just turned your dreams into goals).

3. Map out a path - decide what it will take to turn your goals into reality. You need to break down your goals into small pieces that are manageable to achieve in the short term. Break it down into what needs to be done each month/each week/each day.

4. Place this written list somewhere you can see it every day.

5. Work on your goals every single day.

Building a road map to success is something that only you can do. No one else can decide who you're going to be next month or next year, or even ten years from now. That is entirely up to you.

So many people think it's difficult or even impossible to change their life, but when you know what you want and how to get there it goes from being impossible to easy. You just have to follow the road you've marked out.

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