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3 Tips for Maximizing Your Talent in the Present Moment

Skills to pay the billsImage by netzanette via FlickrBy Alicia Isaacs

Maximizing your talent in the present moment opens the door for other successes to come into your life. It is said that the grass looks greener on the other side, and that, in many cases, apply to looking at other people's talents.

Many times we think that what others have is better than what we have, not realizing that we've been endowed with the same natural abilities as well. The difference is that the successful person took the little that they had, saw the potential in it and decided to work with it bringing out the best that they could.

Everybody else sees the end results, the brilliancy, but they never saw the hours, days and years spent, through trial and failure, to make the successful person's talent sparkling.

That brings us to you. Instead of looking afar off to, "someday I'll take the time to develop my skills," what can you do right now to maximize your talent to bring out the best in this present moment?

Let's look at 3 tips to get you going in the right direction.

Tip # 1 - Look in your own life garden

Stop looking at what others are doing and wishing you were like them and start doing what they did so you could maximize your own talent. If you keep wishing that you had their success and never took the time to work on yours, how would you know how far you could go, how far you could reach?

Sometimes the people who are out there doing their 'thing' may not necessarily be more naturally talented or educated than you. But it's just that they've developed an unstoppable mindset that causes them to penetrate barriers and soar over obstacles.

They were determined to achieve the success they desired using what they already had and never allowed anything to stop them. They did what was necessary to be done to get to where they wanted to go. Now it's time for you to take that same mindset with your talent, your skill, dream big and go for it in spite of what comes your way.

Tip #2 - Appreciate what you have

Stop belittling your talent. For what you think about and focus on shapes and molds you and becomes your belief which becomes your reality. If you beat down and criticize your talent then you reap the harvest of what you sow in your thoughts.

But if you learn to appreciate what you have, then you'll begin to view your talent as being special. And what you feel good about you gravitate to and you'll want to keep doing more of it. If you sing, appreciate your voice. If you write, appreciate what you do for others through your writing. If you're a nurturing person, then appreciate the nurturing side of you and nurture the people or animals that come into your life.

You'll find that you'll begin to attract more situations, more conditions for you to use your talent and continue to expand from there.

Tip #3 - Always sharpen your skills

Don't settle for mediocrity. Ask, "How can I do this better?" By using this small but yet powerful three-letter word, how, it unlocks the door to endless possibilities for you.

How else can you use your talent? Who else needs your skill? The more you use your talent the better you get, the more skilled you become.

At first it may seem a bit rocky as you get started but don't let that stop you. Just as you first learned to ride a bicycle, you kept going in spite of falling off several times, until you mastered the art of riding.

Apply the same mindset and determination to the development of your talent and when your talent has reached its maturity, it will reward you with great fruit that will have within every fruit of success the seeds of potential successes waiting for you to develop and expand, starting the process all over again.

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