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Your Purpose in Life and How It Affects Your Future

The Purpose Driven Life book coverImage via WikipediaBy Emily P Brown

When you meet a professional and ask them "Why did you become a ______?", their answer can tell you a lot about their passion.

Passionate teachers sometimes say it's because they love to teach, doctors commonly say it's because they want to help people and someone who works in finances has a thing for money, all these answers will tell you about some passion they have for their jobs. This is what makes them GOOD at their jobs.

Passion goes along hand in hand with a person's purpose in life because if not passion, what is going to drive you to be the best at your job? You can say you "need" to work to support your family, but that sort f drive doesn't necessarily make you happy, I don't want to say it's a burden but I'm pretty sure that person has another passion that they just couldn't follow because of circumstances.

So how is your Purpose in Life going to affect your future? It will in many ways, take a lady for example who has gone into the business of skin care.

Char always had skin problems growing up; sure we all go through bad skin phases in our teens but everyone doesn't know what it is like to have to deal with acne. Acne is terrifying no matter what age you are, but it's especially dreadful to have it going through high school. Anyone can say it's just the outside of a person and it doesn't determine who you are, but it does affect you.

Imagine being that girl or boy who gets looked at because of these pimples on your face and not because of the color of your eyes. People are shocked at the number of pimples on your face rather than the cute freckles. You don't enjoy chocolates because no matter how good they taste you think they will make your acne worse.

Every time you meet someone the first thing they notice is your acne, no matter how sexy you are, how good your grades are, even if you're wearing a new dress or you just got your hair colored, it's the acne that's always seen first. This is something you can never quite understand unless you've been there.

Then you become an adult, no more teasing in school, no more proms that you don't go to, no more getting stared at, or not that much at least, but the acne is still there! So now you're looking for a solution, anything to get rid of this pain in your butt!

So you try what is supposed to be the best acne solution there is, then your world goes crashing down. What you thought was bad has become worse, the skin treatment did not only fail to work, but it actually made your acne worse. This is when Char just became completely fed up. It's time for her to find a real solution.

Char did research and found out everything there is to know about acne. She came across a doctor who had been working with Tretinoin and she began to work with this doctor. With everything she had learned she started using products and stuck to a daily regimen and what do you know, her acne which had once been an uncontrollable devastation on her face had now become something she could manage. This was not just a clear up of her skin to her, this was something life changing.

Knowing the impact it had on her, she set out to help people who were suffering like she did. She enrolled in an Esthetics training program and soon enough came up with her own custom formulated skin care line. She has a waiting list of new clients that can last for months! Her clients are loyal customers and her life is complete. This all because she found what she was passionate about and made it her life.

It doesn't matter what your life struggles may have been or what brought you down even what keeps you up, anything passion can be made into a career. Look at people who are mentors or life and business coaches, many if not most of them have stories that brought them to what they do. People who were so deep in debt that they could hardly see any light become financial coaches and help people get out of debt.

People who have been homeless and who have lived on the streets help people in financial trouble get up on their feet and make a change in their lives. People who have failed in business turn out helping people make their failing businesses work!

There are even those who have been abused, raped, assaulted and who have been in accidents that make their stories ones that people can relate to, even celebrities. They tell their stories and start awareness programs so people don't have to hide or be ashamed anymore because being a victim is not something you should be blamed for or feel wrong about, it's something you should be helped for.

So whatever your passion is, you can make it your purpose in life. If you don't know where to start, that's okay. You just need to follow these steps:

1. Grab your notebook, a journal or even your laptop and write down some struggles you've had in your life. They can experiences in school, at home, with family or friends, anything that was a struggle in your life no matter how long ago or how small it may seem, as long as you remember what and why.

2. After you've listed down your struggles, go over them and look for the theme. Do they seem to be connected somehow? Is there something similar about why those struggles took place? Is there an underlying reason, a mindset or even a habit connection the list?

3. Think about how you resolved these issues. What did you do, how did your react, how were they solved?

4. Now write down what you learned from these struggles and what your learned from the solutions. This is going to tell you about skills you have I you that you may not have thought of before.

5. Now think about someone else going through what you went through, are the things you learned something that could benefit someone else? Are these insights you can share that will help people? If someone had told you what you had to learn the hard way when you were going through those problems would it have helped you?

6. Now look at the whole picture, watch it as if it were a movie and create an ending. Is this passion something you can make a life out of? This is what I hope has become your purpose in life.

Life is not simple, but it can be simpler. You can make things better and make life more of what you want it to be, you just need to move in the right direction and maybe, just maybe, you can help move someone else's life in the right direction too.

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