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Working at Home - Setting Effective Goals

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Setting goals is a very important step in achieving success in both your business and personal life. Goals give us something to focus on, something that really "drives" you to achieve.

What many people don't understand, though, is that goals must be deeper and more connected to the heart than just "making money".

Money is a great benefit, and definitely the reason why most of us get into Network Marketing, but if you focus on money, you might miss out on the entire purpose of Network Marketing, which is building yourself as a leader, individual and all-around better person who can give it right back to someone else.

Setting goals is not as "scary" as people make them out to be. It actually can be your answer to more success, money and confidence. I set both short and long-term goals for myself. Short-term goals can be set for daily, weekly, or even monthly. Long-term goals can be set for a longer period of time. For myself, I set at least one long-term goal ... and a bunch of short-term goals which will help me REACH that long-term goal.

Examples of Long-Term Goals

  • Working at Home to come home full time to your children and spend more time with your family
  • Buying your very first home - or a larger home
  • Buying a new car, boat or recreational vehicle
  • Getting out of debt, rebuilding your credit
  • Helping with your favorite charity or local organization
  • Giving your children a college education
  • Traveling to places you have never been before
  • Helping others become successful and achieve their dreams
Examples of Short-Term Goals

  • Cleaning out a closet "today" or "tomorrow"
  • Contacting 100 people about your business "within 7 days"
  • Getting 10 new people on your team "within 30 days"
  • Starting an online business and quitting your full time job "by the end of the year" (depending on when "the end of the year" is, this can also be a long-term goal)
Steps to Setting Goals that Work

1. Goals Must Be Envisioned

Know exactly what you want. Remember "The Secret - Law of Attraction" ... You must be able to see yourself actually being or possessing whatever your goal is. Get into the habit of envisioning your goals a couple times per day - make a vision board with pictures of what you want. You are halfway to your goal if you can "see" yourself achieving it first. For instance, let's say your goal is to purchase a boat... vision yourself (some refer to this as "daydreaming") riding in your boat on a large lake.

2. Have A Passionate Desire to Achieve Your Goals

If all you do is make a list of things it would be "nice" to accomplish, forget it - it will never happen. If you're like me, yes - you will write the list, then put it in your desk or dresser drawer and forget about it. In order to achieve your goals you must have a burning desire to do so.

3. Make Your Goals Well Defined and Measurable

Be specific and make sure your short-term goals allow you to measure your progress. "I am going to be a better salesperson" or "I'm going to get in better shape" are examples of abstract goals. You may make progress with these, but it will not seem so as you can't measure them.

To make these goals measurable, you would first need to decide what would make you a better salesperson, (take certain courses, earning certain designations, etc) or what you would have to do to be in better shape (specific exercise program, specific diet, exact number of pounds you want to lose, etc). Now you can build your measureable roadmap to success.

4. Your Goals Must be Attainable

You must believe that your goals are attainable, because "Anything the Mind can Conceive and Believe, it Can Achieve." If your goals are too easy they won't be worthwhile, and if they are too tough, the "goals are stupid" attitude can creep in, so set realistic goals.

For instance, setting a goal to lose 20 pounds in one week can be a bit unrealistic and disappointing if you don't lose the 20 pounds, especially if you had really stuck to your diet and exercise program. Setting a goal of losing 3-5 pounds in one week, or 20 pounds in 1-2 months is more realistic... and very exciting when you reach that goal! Result - you'll work just as hard, if not harder, to continue to lose weight to reach your next goal!

5. Be Flexible

Be ready to adjust your goals - do not give up on them if you don't reach a goal by your selected date. Sometimes things happen that will pull you away from working on your goal - that's all part of life, so just adjust your goal date and keep on working towards the new date.

6. Set Your Own Goals

To stay motivated, the goals you set must be your own goals and not something set by someone else. Only YOU know what you can achieve in a specific amount of time, with your schedule, etc. BUT, you can work with someone else who is also trying to attain the same/similar goals.

7. Goals Should Have a Definite Time Period

If you don't set a completion date, your goals just won't get done. Look at all the things around you that you wanted to do but just didn't because they had no deadline to be done by. The saying goes that if you want to get something done, ask a "busy" person.

Why? Because a "busy" person has a time management program, or schedule, they stick to in order to get everything done that they need to - by a particular date/time. A person who has a lot of time on their hands tends to "put off until tomorrow" what can be done today. I find this true even in myself - I get more accomplished

8. Goals Must be Written Down

If your goals are not written down - or you don't have a "vision" board - then you are just dreaming. Studies show that people with written and visual goals accomplish much more than people that don't.

So now is the time to set your goals and start implementing a plan to strive for them. You are more than welcome to print this out, save it and come back to it often to remind yourself to always keep your goals in front of you.

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