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Why Keeping Focused On Your Goals Is Essential!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and acc...Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishments: Jim Rohn - Image by Eustaquio Santimano via FlickrBy Kevin John

For most leaders the no. 1 criteria for lasting success is Focus!

The essential aspect of keeping focused is to have a goal and keep it in sight at all times. In fact, never let go of the goal until it is well and truly accomplished. It could be a goal which encompasses a long term strategy but the main point is to work hard on it and never give up!

Focus and goals go hand in hand. Both work in unison with each other. Goals go a long way to creating focus that creates accomplishment.

Many successful people look to goals for focus however if you take some time to research people in working environments you will find that many cannot even say what their own specific goals are or that of their organisation. Also, many cannot say how their personal goals align with those of their company's!

A reason for this is that people state that they do not have time to work on their goals or indeed write them down in the first place. So many people in organisations believe that they have no control over the economy which will have a direct bearing on whether they will be able to hold down their jobs.

So the ideology of many is "why should I care about goals as I have no control over my future, there are just too many variables which I have no control over?"

Jim Rohn, the celebrated philosopher once stated that people "spend more time on planning their next vacation than they do on their own lives." The logic behind this could be that planning a holiday is a pleasant escapism for many and easy to focus on. It is short-term.

To achieve success and move forward with your life, it is highly important to have and work on your personally defined goals. By doing so we have something tangible to focus our attention on every day. Personal goals that are aligned with your company's goals create powerful drive, enthusiasm, momentum and dedication.

If there are no organisation goals in place then by having personal goals will prove even more important. Personal goals will keep you on track and offer steadfast direction. If you have no goals you will be aimlessly wasting each and every day and wondering what you have done with your life.

So keep focused on your goals and just watch how your life will soar to new heights!

Kevin John is an online marketing and mindset coach.

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