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Self Improvement: Easy Self Improvement Pt 3

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Self improvement and our unique journey of discovery about ourselves can be broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. As the previous posts (Pt 1 and Pt 2) discussed, knowing and understand various parts of our life is the key to making the improvement and development journey as easy as it can be.

Remembering also that anything worth doing is never going to be as easy as we would wish it to be, if it were, everyone would do it, and as we know most people don't even try to improve, they are happier blaming the world and circumstances instead of getting off their butts and giving it a go.

Pt 1 was all about knowing yourself, probably the most important part in development. Without knowing yourself, much of what you learn will have little meaning to you.

Pt 2 was about the importance of knowing others and what they brought to the relationship you have with them. Again another important aspect not to be over looked. Without the right friendships, you are going to struggle to improve yourself to the level you are capable of, the reason being that several minds, thoughts and ideas are far better than just the one.

This next part is the third brick in the foundations of self-improvement and once again an area not to be overlooked or dismissed:


Your environment plays a significant part in helping you in your quest / journey of self-improvement. the type of setting you frequent will without a doubt impact your thought processes and how you view, not only yourself but the world around you. Being exposed to the right or wrong environment will help or hinder your self growth and personal development.

A setting of anger and aggression will serve absolutely no purpose in aiding you in your unique journey, just as a location filled with negativity and a feeling of lack will not help you in your goals of development and improvement. A location of everyone for themselves and fighting to get ahead will totally create the wrong thoughts in your mind and seriously harm your progress.

Surrounding yourself in a sphere of positivity, helpfulness, caring, support and abundance will instill such wonderful feelings and thoughts in you that your self-improvement will seem fun and enjoyable, you will see possibilities that you might otherwise be blind to. Doors will open where once there was no door. You will attract others into your life who compliment you on your journey, you will feel that you can achieve anything.

People will be happy for success you find and create. Support will be forthcoming from all who interact with you, you will also learn that you have the ability to help others. You will learn your strengths and understand people's weaknesses and how you can help them in their environments just as others can help you in yours.

Speaking from purely my own perspective from my self-improvement journey, I have learnt the importance of the correct environment. Many of my environments of the past were areas of my life that actually hindered me in my goals of improvement.

Once I had realized this and worked on finding realms and settings that complemented my personal development. Many new people manifested into my life. Most have been through the exact same ups and downs I had been through, they had changed there environments and with that change, much had happened in the positive sense and they then started to see easier self-improvement and personal development goals being met and exceeded.

In closing the third segment, I hope you can see that although the improvement journey isn't necessarily easy, it can be made significantly less difficult by taking the time to break down the journey into smaller more manageable sections or bricks if you like.

You will also notice that much of your own journey is unique because we all are different people, we all know different people and we all live, work, rest and play in different environments.

The importance of knowing yourself, others and your environments can never be underestimated, to fully realise these at the beginning gets you in the correct mindset, puts you on the right first steps and gives you the confidence to appreciate you actually know what areas you can tweak and change to truly get the self-improvement ball rolling.

Stephen Marshall has a passion for personal development. It is an area he has been working tirelessly on for 2 years. Improving himself in every aspect of his life, not only to help him lead a happier and more fulfilled life, but also to help other reach their potential in what ever area that may be. Confidence is a recurring theme that he has learnt plays such a significant role in personal development. For more information about Stephen and his views please visit

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