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Self Improvement: Easy Self Improvement Pt 1

Room to ImproveImage via WikipediaBy Stephen P Marshall

Is self-improvement easy? Some may say yes, others may say no. I personally feel it isn't impossible but does require you to work at it.

As the old saying goes ' If something was easy, everyone would do it '. What I will tell you however, that although improving yourself and becoming a better you can be a roller coaster ride at times, It is ultimately truly satisfying and totally rewarding.

Are there steps then that can make self-improvement easier? Let us think about it. What do we want to achieve with self-improvement? Are their specific areas that you want to develop? Or is it more a case of improving the whole package so to speak.

As a man who is going through this very thing I like to call my journey, I feel I can at least give you my insights and perspectives into the journey, what has worked so far and what hasn't. What things I have learnt and the knowledge I have gained. Also what pitfalls I have come across and what aspects can actually hold you back. The very first step to self-improvement is:


This is a good starting point. Getting to truly know yourself is a key element in making your self-improvement journey the easiest it can be. Knowing your strengths, what areas you are confident in, what aspects do you excel at. Being aware of what you do well without really thinking about it, those natural instincts we all have in various situations and environments.

Become aware of your weak areas, the areas you lack confidence in. Know what situations make you pause and doubt yourself. Understand that it is ok to not be good at everything, even the most successful people in the world are aware of their weak areas, the areas they do not excel in.

In fact, successful people are so acutely aware of these, that they outsource everything they know they cannot do well to others. This allows them more time to do the things they are brilliant at. Hence why they become, and are successful.

Understand your personality and character traits. What do you respond well to and what do you react badly to. Why is it important to know this? Think about your times at school or in a working environment. Did you have a favorite teacher or colleague? Why did you like one teacher over another? What drew you to one person at work compared to someone else? It was probably the fact that your personality and character responded in a more positive way to their own personality and character.

Find what areas of life you have a passion for, what things float your boat. Do you have things in your life that you get excited about? What do you really enjoy doing? What gives you satisfaction? Are their activities that you do that naturally give you confidence because you do them well. Do you have desires to try new and different things?

As you can see, knowing yourself is a very good starting point in your new journey of self-improvement and personal development. This first step will give you a solid base from which you can start to add other bricks and slowly build that new road you are going to start walking down. Taking the time at the very start to get to know yourself will be time well spent.

If you do this at the beginning it can save you so much time and effort struggling for months maybe years finding what you want to do and become. Do not over look this, instead be as absolutely honest with yourself as you can be, perhaps even ask trusted honest friends on their opinions of your personality. Learn this information and you are already ahead of many people looking at improving themselves.

Stephen Marshall has a passion for personal development. It is an area he has been working tirelessly on for 2 years. Improving himself in every aspect of his life, not only to help him lead a happier and more fulfilled life, but also to help other reach their potential in what ever area that may be. Confidence is a recurring theme that he has learnt plays such a significant role in personal development. For more information about Stephen and his views please visit

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