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Procrastination Is Your Greatest Enemy

Due dates are closer than they appearImage by Mark Blevis via FlickrBy Andy Pitt

Procrastination is something that most people can relate to. Why do something now that you can put off until later? While some of us suffer from this problem every now and again, there are many of us that choose to live by this creed, without realizing what a toll it can have on our daily lives.

So what's wrong with putting things off until later? Does everything really need to be taken head-on the moment we put our minds to it?

Setting your Priorities in Order

Procrastination is your greatest enemy and it usually occurs when we have too much to do and we don't know where to start. Since we cannot take on everything at once, we tend to leave everything until we have come to a "decision".

Of course, this decision might take hours, days or years to form, and it is often only a result of our determination to finally get the task done. Procrastination is your greatest enemy and it can poison every part of our lives, making it difficult to get anything done. The worst thing about this enemy is the fact that it doesn't only take hold of minor decisions, but major ones as well.

If you procrastinate constantly about doing the laundry, you might also do the same when it comes to applying to university to further your studies, or go for that job interview for a position you have always wanted.

"I'll Do It Tomorrow": the Promise with no Due Date

The saying "I'll do it tomorrow" is one that has no meaning in our minds because there is always another "tomorrow". If we were to say, "I'll do it on Thursday", we set a date in our minds; one that will definitely arrive. But this is not the same with the word "tomorrow" because it never truly arrives; there is always another.

Anxiety and Stress

Procrastination is your greatest enemy because it affects your mind, as well as your body. The anxiety and stress that is caused by procrastination will slowly eat away at you until you finally give in, and then this anxiety is only replaced by the next task that you put off for another day.

Procrastination is like a disease, and when it begins to take hold of you, there is little you can do to stop it from infecting every area of your life. If you don't want to let it take over, you need to stop it in its tracks and put an end to the hold it has on you.

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