Thursday, November 17, 2011

Play the Lead: It Is Your Life

A Denecke TS-3 clapperboard in use during the ...Image via WikipediaBy Delaina Miller

Every since you took your first breath the curtains raised, you took center stage, and your movie began. You became the star of your life.

There are many supporting actors and actresses: your parents, sibling perhaps, extended family members, and your friends. But the real star of your life is you. You have cannot leave it to others to play the lead in your life. The slate or clapper board has sounded and all eyes are on you.

The Star

You are the star in your life. No one else can play the lead it has to be you. So look at yourself either introspectively or in the mirror. Ask yourself who do you really want to be? Are you a doctor, a wind turbine technician, or a teacher? Are you already playing your desired role? If not, what is stopping you? You are the star of the show after all, it is all about you.

The Script

It is your life, why would you hire someone else to write the script of your life? If the script is stopping you then it is time to change the script. Write out what you want out of life. What do you want to be known as? You are the writer of your life story. What is your story? Spell it out, don't worry if the script is believable; just write out, see it playing in your mind, and/or feel it in your heart.

The Film

When you are playing the movie of your life in your mind, you must find out if your actions true to your desires? Hit the pause button and give yourself time to reflect. This is meant to give you an introspective view of your soul, so this is important and you deserve an honest answer. Your past is part of who you are today.

Do not try to leave the clips of your past all over the studio floor. Instead be proud of your "rags to riches," or your "down & out to up & coming" stories. However, you are not writing your obituary so do not focus your story on only past events, include clips of your successful future as well.

You are the star, writer, director, and editor of your life. Of all of the things you might delegate in your life, your story cannot be one of them. Once you have been given life, only you can be the director of your life, because only you know your full story including your hopes dreams and future desires. You are your destiny; design your life as honestly as possible.

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