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Personal Development: Personal Development Goals

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What do personal development goals mean? Or should I say, what do personal development goals mean to you?

I feel every single persons goals will be different, our goals and aspirations will reflect who we are, where we are and what we are wanting out of life and ourselves. No two people are the same and as such, no one will share the exact same wants, needs, dreams and desires. Goal setting therefore is an individual thing, that each of us must decide and act upon in order to achieve them.

Let us look at a few of them, what do they mean to you and how if at all, do they relate to your life? I would also like to give you some personal perspectives on how I interpret them and what they mean to me on my own unique personal development journey.


This is an old favourite of personal development, I am sure we have all thought about this at one point or another in our lives. We see someone who floats our boat, who makes us go weak at the knees. Someone who makes us lose the ability to say anything rational to the point we end up saying something that makes us look like fools. Admit it, we have all done it.

This becomes an area where personal development and goal setting come into place. Your personal development goal could be to work on your confidence to the point that you can be yourself in the company of someone you are attracted to. you can give the other person a good impression of who you are and what you are all about, instead of perhaps the first impression of a bumbling fool.


We sometimes forget the importance of personal development when it comes to getting promotions at work. We often think that being good at your role and being better than others in that role is the reason we get promoted. In many companies this may actually be true. I however feel that is only half the equation.

Personal development also means understanding that promotion is also about leading others, about inspiring others and about getting others to give their best for you and the company. Realising that being good at your position isn't the only thing, it is a good starting block though. Again if promotion is something you really want, then setting personal development goals to help in your growth in the job is something you should seriously consider and undertake.


Why is this important? Think about this statement and then have a look at your own life. ' We become the average of the five people who surround ourselves with the most '. What does that mean to you? How I interpret that is that my life will reflect or mirror the lives of the five people who are most influential in my life.

For instance: If I hang around with five people who are positive, happy and healthy, than I will naturally be more attracted to those aspects. Subconsciously my mind is being hit with positive thoughts and actions, I see happiness every day and health becomes something I take for granted as I see it, hear it and partake in it with the other five people. This makes my main thoughts all about these and so I become more of those very things.

Turn that around to any other situation and the same rules apply. Are you someone who is drunk a lot? If so, do the five people you hang around with get drunk a lot also? Do you actually find you are a very negative person, do you find you think you can't do things? Do the five people who you are most around say and do those very things?

Goal setting and as hard as it is sometimes, being realistic with yourself and saying OK I want this in my life or I want to work and be able to do that in my life. Then you are going to have to make changes if you haven't got those things. Goal setting in personal development and befriending people who help not hinder your growth is key.

Stephen Marshall has a passion for personal development. It is an area he has been working tirelessly on for 2 years. Improving himself in every aspect of his life, not only to help him lead a happier and more fulfilled life, but also to help other reach their potential in what ever area that may be. Confidence is a recurring theme that he has learnt plays such a significant role in personal development. For more information about Stephen and his views please visit

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